Tomorrow and Today

2morrowTomorrow will be a day that a I  will publish a true to heart blog…with a very special meaning that I will tell the world of a personal message of real talk…I’ll pray tonight to my heavenly father as I’ve prayed while writing the Blog called “Not by Accident check it out Tomorrow it just might blow your mind but keeping in mind I’m not the first…and surly not the last…but be certain Tomorrow will tell it all last.

Oh well enough about Tomorrow so….let’s talk about Today because today is my 2 month  anniversary as a new resident of Piquettee Square Veterans Permanent House 6221 Brush St. Detroit, MI. this square is located in Mid-Town New Center Area. I was truly happy to have been able to serve  my county. I’m reaping the benefits of the quality loving facilities in a safe secure building. Thank you God…my mother sings a spiritual song entitled “He may not come when you want…but He’s right on time.

2nToday was a Great day did you attend services?…well I did and let me tell you I ran to fellowship at La Casa de mi Padre 999 Fort St. Lincoln Park, Mi. I missed the last two Sunday’s and my heart sad and my buttock sore.. 2 Weeks I suffered with a boil and had surgery I’m a lot better today now that I had the chance to  visit my Spanish Church Family. I been in fellowship going on three years and I love everything about this culture and learning spanish is a plus. thank you God for the gift of speaking another langauge.

After church June my mother’s good  friend pick me up at the church and we go see my mother and I style her hair she is a resident at Tender Care Nursing Home Taylor Mi. My mother like any other woman loves to get her hair done so I do my best having her feel special.

I’m back at the square…thank for you support in caring for my mother and sharing the ride. Home is to me Square one of operation and things are just as I’ve left  them… I took a got up and eat and been on the Internet working on my Blog…well good nite it’s 10:30 pm and I’ve done all I can Today.     night

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