Slow Tuesday

don't quitI call this blog post Slow Tuesday because it was. My work take’s my to the salon and Tuesday is the begining. I am De Derrick professional Hair Stylist/Barber at Mel’s Salon & associated 6080 Woodward Ave. Det., MI and I love what I do in the aiding of helping other’s to achieve and maintain their look. My reward is the smile of satisfaction as one looks into the mirror…they smile…than I smile. I know way perfect but I try very hard to please. You might have heard the old saying “that you can’t please everyone”…and I say…”the one’s I do please I’ll bent over backwards to keep them as a client”.

I went to work this morning with no one on the book…no appointments. My hours are Tues. – Sat 8:00 am – 5:00 pm and don’t forget the walk-ins. So I’m at work as usual on a Tuesday and the time is 8:30 as Calvin the receptionist buzz me in…Moring Calvin as I check my book..oh well as I climbed the steps en route to my station. My head was looking pretty rough…so I went to the bowl to shampoo and condition as I was shampooing I thought to my self if nobody calls I’m going back to the “Square”…the Square is my term for my living condition here at Piquettee Square Veteran Permanent House 6221 Bush I thank God nearly everyday for the blessing to be able to walk to work…5 min. tops!…and that’s just what I did. I left the shop at 10:00 am by 10:10 I was in my bed. By 12:00pm I was awoke by the phone it was Cornelius looking for a cut; I told him I’ll meet him there…how perfect is that during a Slow Tuesday.  

"TUESDAY" production sign

“TUESDAY” production sign (Photo credit: Vaguely Artistic)

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