Up And Adam

good moringThe term “Up and Adam” as been an expression I’ve always have heard throughout all my life… spoken more so in the morning time. As to this day I never knew what it meant…today a morning thought hit me while I was up at 5:30 am …here’s  what Google has to say; This basically means “get up and get at the events that are coming your way today”…well now I know personally what I’ve been doing with my for the past 30 years…are you Up and Adam?

I was up and Adam as a usually this morning; and had even set the alarm an hour early to get my self ready for today’s event which begin with an early morning hair cut…I read my scriptures  and readings from Our Daily Bread…said my  prayers and then followed breakfast which included  scramble eggs, sausage, waffles and coffee; by the time I turned on the shower the phone rangphone…Ring…ring it was my 7:30 am client informing me he had to reschedule he had a long night…Ok…Of course things happen and plans altar; I’m just appreciate the phone call which has given me time to  write this blog “Up and Adam”  before going to work.     

dederrickI am running a business  as an independent Hair Stylist/Barber at Mel’s Salon & Associate 6080 Woodward Ave. Det.,Mi. for the last three years and for the past 25 years I was always been an “Up and Adam” with a entrepreneur spirit to make it happen; sure like everyone else; has a bad days or sick days and I’ve had my share because were not born to be perfect.  I’m a self employed business owner I do what I got to do to get the work done..and I get it when I can…and if it takes going in early to catch a walk in or two I’ll do that also…you can’t hit a home run in baseball; if you’re not in potions to play the game; for years I’ve played the game and each morning has I wake up early and out of bed reinforces the belief what is already instilled in me to the “Up and Adam” route.

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