On Time God

new meI’m a resident by the name De Derrick and so very proud let me tell you!!about Piquette Square Veteran Permanent Housing 6221 Brush St. Detroit, MI. is what I’ve come to love and appreciate.  I waited for my space here at The Square and after a six months waiting list and a tons of paper work to be approve…I’m in… thank you Lord.

My apartment space is comfortable and relaxed with  the feel of quality living giving a chance at life. The building first open its doors June 20I0. I have personally claimed  as my “square effect” of living…back to the basic.  Now it’s my time to develop and organize my life while taking advantage of this program helping homeless veteran’s to better my life…this was a right on time blessing .never give up

I think God daily for this living blessing and funny the true blessing is that  I work at Mel’s Salon & Associate 6080 Woodard at Piquette…If you are familiar with Mid Town and the New Center area; you would know that’s a five-minute walk from Brush & Piquette…I know I walk it Tuesday Saturday 8:00 am – 5:00 am. You see I once rode the bus southbound downriver area faithful for three years of “Transportation Madness” with our DOT Service…my dreams and aspirations of a comfort living area, secure clean building located in the heart of the city with fellow Veterans united in side this Square Opportunity.

Let’s illustrate  the power of God working at His on time…for the past three years I was always aware of the Piquette Square VA housing program…from the news media and I also worked in the New Center for the past 20 years so I was up on community activity.. for years I’ve gazed upon the building from the break area at Mel’s Hair Salon… but the time was not right.

I was living home taking care of my mother under divine assignment keeping her company at night…just to have someone in the house made he feel fine. Mother took a fall and fracture her ankle and had to go to recover and rehabilitate her self at the Nursing Home and she will be there…God Bless her but she don’t exercise after the injury and to this day she’s in a wheel chair.

So Mother now is in Tender Care Nursing Home and it’s OK we the family done all we could but if you don’t use it…you’ll loose it. And that’s just what happen to the house on reverse mortgage kicks in and the house goes to the bank once Mother is out of the house..so now I’m homeless and what was I to do? and where was I’m going?…that’s was it hit me Piquette Square and that made the difference in my life. Thank you Father God, Piquette Square and a salute to Southwest Solutions Management Co. for helping the “Vet” by  offering a solution to aid the homeless Vet.  For myself this blessing was “Right of Time and form an “On time God” and I will be telling the story of My Personal Square wherever I go to let people know of the blessings and the power of God on time….I’m nothing without God.

life1John 10:10 I’ve come to give you life and more abundant .

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