Mi Amigo


Amigos (Photo credit: gritoAcrata)

I’m calling this blog: Mi Amigo  spelled my friend in  Spanish….a universal term for  friend..Amigo.

 I would like for you to do; as I have done; to think back toward corners of your mind and think for a moment of your Amigo has you continue reading … I have gathered my opinion and this is the way I see friendships come and go..fly by night or the ones that can’t  be trusted and try to tie up your time and of course..what about the last time your Amigo was up into your business…uhmmm “I rather play it Solo.

Friends are messes at times within themselves I guess they can’t help themselves; for at times I to fall short in my thinking but I pick myself up and nobody knows but God. But with a friends and the  causes an effects of their wrong thinking and or lack of planning with their life  sometimes have done damage with hash words towards one another …some friends comes with price tags and a ton of baggage; that weighs everybody down..Prov 27:6 Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kiss of enemy  are deceitful …and remember this don’t loan if you can’t afford not to get It back I but I have my limits.  This blog Mi Amigo is therapy for me to be able to release my feelings…because I was hurt and had to regroup because of your actions of bad intergerty…so kept in mind mi Amigo “your word is your bond”.

Amigo and Friends

Amigo and Friends (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Please don’t get me wrong for speaking my heart but, I do believe in friendships; and I’m not a loner only to myself because at the end of the day I deal with myself in a quite way than the sun raises and it’s a new day…but it is so hard to trust man and myself. For years I’ve trusted in myself and keep the distance…while enjoying my association at my work place…you see I have a lovely clientle of men and woman; that I have serviced through the years I work in the Salon as a Hair Stylist/Barber and I love the life style that I lead… and everyone is familiar with any Salon/Barber Shop atmosphere set up… it’s a party at work…people come and go…everyday is a interesting and never the same.

dederrickLet me introduce myself I’m De Derrick…I choose to be different. I am proud and  loving every minute because; at the end of the day I’m so very comfort with myself because I know what I’m about.

I don’t play like others in the “crowd” nor do I watch long ending of sports games. I don’t go where the crowd goes. loving person trusting in God. I will be understood by the 2% of America and misunderstood, at times, by the remaining 98%. That’s okay because I am part of the fellows of the 2%. The people who create the positive force that shapes this great country.

Today… out of comfort zoning, taking a chance befriending someone I meet on “The Square” what is the square? My residence at Piquete Square Veteran Housing under the supervision of Southwest Solution Management Co…6221 Brush St Detroit, Mi.psquareMy Strong Corner Stone Square Palace entrance to opportunities and growth to a better way of living.

 Mi Amigo and I have quite a few things in common: both are Veterans, we both lived the Downriver area, we know the same woman of the past, he is smart , I’m smart, he’s internet connected and so am I , he was short with friends in his life  as myself, we both are recovery   addicts helping one another…and to cap it off a spiritual man of God and sharing the Lord with our heart, mind and soul…what about you mi Amigo? Can you say the same?stair

I feel my Amigo will take care of his obligations to “Man Up”he’s also a Proud man and every Proud Man do things in the right order…but until that time I still color you mi Amigo.


amigos (Photo credit: Juliot)

I’m  happy to have cross paths with you I feel a spiritual growth in the air. God crossed our paths on purpose not by haphazard image one addict helping another by helping themselves help them I still have  issue in my life but Thank God not like yours let   Mi Amigo let it go .don't quit

Always remember of what I have told you in the beginning; “In relationships I give 100 of my self this way I don’t get hurt.. and I’ve change..Love ya My Friend and let us both continue on with my Christen walk because Jesus is the Greatest man I know…and He’s a Friend of mind …”friends are few and far and between; sometimes a friend comes once it a life time. 

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