good moring  Today I thank God for another wonderful sunrise and the spirit of life and the  excitement of a new days dawning of new energy that regulates my body.

I Thank you…Today God my Father… for the world and all that is in it will become my life’s play ground were I will go out and play the “Game of Life”….Today.

The Earth flag is not an official flag, since ...

The Earth flag is not an official flag, since there is no official governing body over Earth. The flag holds a photo transfer of a NASA image of the Earth on a dark blue background. It has been associated with Earth Day. Although the flag was originally copyrighted, a judge ruled that the copyright was invalid. Earth Flag Ltd. v. Alamo Flag Co., 154 F. Supp. 2d 663 (S.D.N.Y. 2001) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today… is great day filled with all the wonderful opportunities to move to the next square in my Life working towards Personal Development.

Today… I believe within all my  heart and soul; that I must first change myself first…in order to change the world…wouldn’t you agree?

Today… I’m feeling the gears change of that controls my life of the true understanding of purpose….which indeed comes from God.

Today as the world turns I’m thankful I don’t turn with it but I set my course on higher heights of  performance to be able to function in a I positive way   making use of my value time by reading, loving, caring, serving and continue to practice Living intentionally for Excellence…call Life.

Today is the first day of the rest of your Life…  never give up

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