Getting Ready

phoneThe phone awakes at 5:00 am it’s mi Amigo. We both are early raisers and I like that coming from a close friend…helping to reinforce my morning habits.

6:00 am I hear a knock at the door mi Amigo inviting me down to his square for coffee and morning strategies as we so often do while it’s early and fresh…the early bird catches the worm…I’m up at this time everyday in communicate with God.

Today is Sunday the day the Lord has made…and I’m rejoicing and glade and happy. mi Amigo suggest he would drop me at La Casa de mi Padre 999 Fort St., Lincoln Park MI. were I’m Ambassador of another culture that feel in Love with the Espana Community. I have a free spirit of praise that’s running me free at La Casa de mi Padre.

angerI must admit that ode devilment way of think was creeping in my spirit just before mi Amigo suggested to drop me off at church ALEUYA…the past 2 weeks mi Amigo has been their for  me helping me to get to church God Bless ya!”. You see at the present time I’m without transportation but that ‘s OK  because the only time that I really need a car is on Sunday’s for church because I’ve been bless to be able to walk 1 block to work…now how Cool is that; yes I live at Piquette Square Veteran Permanent Housing 6221 Brush St. and I work as a Barber/Stylist at Mel’s Salon & Associate’s 6080 Woodward Ave…That’s God taking care of me just when I needed Him most…I was homeless and He provided…The Greatest Man I know.

Today the Spirit moving me toward the Sanctuary to give praise to Our God and to fellowship with like believers and the Family of Love. I love La Casa de mi Padre a church for everyone Pastor Demetrio Contreas….God has purpose and plan for me while I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and crossing culture barriers.stair

So… fi fy fo fum; look out World here we come… God the Father the Holly Spirit, Jesus and me Getting Ready in the spirit to set myself on fire and burn off  the excitement of music, singing, dance, hand clapping and the opening up of our mouths to our God that’s worthy of it all the praise that He righteous desire…Thank you God.

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