Never Give Up

new me Hi I’m De Derrick…In my years of growing into a mature man I’ve suffer life’s “bump & bruises” I lost a lot of self-esteem, respect and personal values along the way but…mistakes are to be made in life only to aid in building Character ..

Today I’m making an explosion by changing the world; but by first changing myself.. only because of my desire for more in life was so BIG I would not be denied and I never Quit. Faith in my beliefs had me realize that it’s our God-given right for his purpose to live in us and to live a life of abundance and happiness and today I feel I’m truly Happy on my square of life Personal Development…my hobbies are founded on The World Wide Web…it’s like power at my finger tips and with mind-set traveling at the speed of thought moving my Entrepreneurship to my next destination.

computer-125x125-2I carry my lap top everyday or make use of my smart phone to the Salon and between cutting & styling hair. I am on the Internet marketing staying on top of my game by, studying my Training Resource Center that Veretekk provides in their back office; or up dating my social page’s that I belong to. I truly believe that opportunity presents it’s self on these social networking sites or just Surfing the Internet you may find just what you were looking for , because you will never know when some body happens to notice your site and drop you a line to offer you the opportunity click a link to shop their Digital InfoStorefront…Worlds Largest source of software downloads..

Monday is my Marketing day on the internet after which is my rest time and I take advantage and do what I want to do I my own time.

I am a recovering addict and fellowship with The Vets to Vets. I shared this with hopes to encourage someone who may be going through something also; with the help of God and determination of your belief ; all things are possible don’t give up no matter what!never give up
I enjoy reading, dancing and all types of music; and at the presently I am learning to speaking Spanish which is my greatest accomplishment of them all.

I have been studying the language for the pass 15 years on my own at a very moderate paste and I also have established a large vocabulary and a profound understanding of sentence structure…I am in Love with the language and culture of people.

Today I’m in fellowship with La Casa de mi Padre.. The House of my Father 999 Fort St. Lincoln Park, MI. and truly… I’m enjoying the best days of my life practicing Spanish in Church.. Dios es Bueno…God is Good.stair

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