Value World

nailsI just finished up with my last client at the Salon  wrapping up another work week ending in style and loving every minute of it…It’s what I do.

Today started slow strangely enough for a Saturday…but believe  me; when I say that “Hair business” is like going to court…you never know how you will come out…all it takes in this kind business is just one cut/style to get things started… than your busy the rest of the day and still take some money home.

clockThe clock on the wall says a little after three…that’s about the time I got started …and about time I sweep up it was going on 6:oo pm. Now the weekend is here; two days to do what I want to do…and one of those days will be in church Praising God.

Now let me tell you the real value of this blog is to share with you my wonderful findings at Value World clothing store…I call it the place. The Place to me is second-hand clothing, furniture, and house hold items sold  far below the cost. “Nobody has to know how much you paid; and for those that are not quite sure what I’m talking about let me break it down The Goodwill, Purple Heart, Thrift Shop, Rummage Sales to Yard Sales.

Places of saving a buck or two and “nobody has to know but you and God”.

My mother Norma  Smith and her “rummaging buddy’ her sister Anita Hankins; in their good days  sure knew how to “Show Around” and rummage as they called it… mama did the driving while Nita mapped out there route.   I was a young man who learn very quickly to appreciate second-hand clothing or wore what I had and everything I had at that time mama supply until I was on my own.

Today after leaving the Salon I went to on the last day of their 50 % sale. I had coupon for weeks…have you ever kept putting things off to the next day or time; that’s what happen to me and they call it procrastination and I’m guilty….but I made it today…Thank God.

Personal Development Seminar (20)

Personal Development Seminar (20) (Photo credit: TijsB)

I call this blog Value World…but the true Value is in my personal development called style or fashion area. I got a coat that will complement my suits; that will have me set up for the fall with  winter on its way. This is planning and preparation for the weather. I’ll be dress for  success everyday. The Tote Bag is nice and fashionable look of business…I’m looking forward to Tuesday to carry my new bag… I also got a couple of sweaters and a pair of paints.the man

So my blogger and friends…this is my 13th blog posting on my way to 100 while I work on my Personal Development plans on my Square of Life and acquire  more Life abundantly John 10:10 here’s to the success believing and thinking I can make it and so can you….Never Give Up…never!

I always have been a visionary with high hopes and ideas but today I can see clearly the purpose of it all is to let go and let God. I’m now 61 and truly it’s never to late and I still have so have a long way to go and it’s because of  my life accomplishments, set backs, disappointments, grief, misery, discomfort  and the hurt shame of failure.. But I never gave up and; and God has never given up calling for me I just have to learn to listen to His quite peace be still voice.never give up

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