Break Time pt. 2

Break Time pt. 2…Break over and returned to work…

clockI’m just waking up from a long nap of dead sleep; the time was 3:47  as I steered looking at my 7 miss calls on my phone. Boy what happen?

I normally don’t sleep that deep and I jumped to the floor.

I think my ringer was off and not by my doing’s had this ever happen to you?

The first call was the Salon. Hi receptionist someone is here for a hair cut that was all they needed to say… I was on my way.

I than called Norma my co-worker and she informed me the same things the receptionist told had me. Norma and I  normally work on Tuesday’s and maybe another operator. I’m on my way Norma and thank you…Bye. The other calls I’ll handle when I get to the Salon.

A five-minute walk and I’m here at The Salon. I run upstairs’ and If I didn’t mention before; the Salon is located on the upper level personally the  first Salon I ever worked where steps were involved. But I look at the exercise in it all…and I kept on stepped.


Stairs (Photo credit: Caitlinator)

As I  walked rapidly to my station I kept wondering to my self; who was in my chair and frankly, it didn’t matter any how “a man has to eat”.

Just as a bent the corner I see two familiar cuts it was my young African-American boys that I’ve cut before in the past with the tightest course grade of hair…it’s time to go to work now…these two boys had Afro’s and I had to cut them down.

I cut them down and lined them up…it dawn of me after talking to their mother that they spoke French. I shared with her about how  it took me 15 years to learn Spanish and  French will be my next.

She gave me some a couple of words in French that sounded so close to Spanish I will make may start today and begin to learn.

After the boys  had left  Norma asked me to shampoo one of her clients;  Norma  had two heads already so I helped her out and it was in a perfect time plan.

Oh boy! It was Senator Rock I like her I’ve shampoo quite often and enjoy her sharing bit and pieces of politics and what is happening in Detroit and she always dress so nice…

After I got her situation and under the dryer I was out the door on my way to the Square.

I wasn’t sure on what I was going to do the of the rest of the evening;  so without a second thought I gave into The Hussle Class that I have been attending for the last 2 months located on West Grand boulevard and Woodward the Police Station.

The class meets Tuesday and Thursday 6 – 7 pm. I was tired today and had no excuses because it’s in walking distance so off I go and learn two more steps closer to the time  I’ll be on my own.

I love to dance always have from a kid raising up some kind of step dance, dance, dance, and still I dance even after the break.

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