Break Time

Do you need a Break today? Form the stay at home mother/Dad to the school kid out for recess…we all need a Break…

psquareToday I’m putting the break  and pulling off from the rough side of The Mountain  taking a break and time to rest.

My day started fresh and 6:00 am stretching my arms out in graduate of another days dawning…I read my scriptures and prayed by this time it’s going on 7:00 am just before breakfast the phone rings phoneit’s Mi Amigo one of the square mates I meet here at Piquette Square Housing for the homeless Vets. 6221 Brush St. 48202.

Mi Amigo was returning from the holiday week-end sharing the Labor Day holiday with his family.

The knock at the door…Mi Amigo of course who else this time of morning?

We regularly meet this  in the morning  over coffee and for convenience  our squares are close. Mi Amigo was on his way to take care business and I was on my way doing the same so he suggested to drop me off at the salon .

We stop by to get some gas and play my one number…  finally has I look back in back seat making sure in had my suits to be put in the cleaners.

By 8:00 am we where pulling up to the where I work as a Hair Stylist/Barber at Mel’s Salon 6080 Woodward Ave. Det.,MI…that’s right I can literally craw to work…check the address if you will  home and work how cool is that?dederrick

Pursed square twist tutorial

Pursed square twist tutorial (Photo credit: Mélisande*)

Now we comes the part where I got the inspiration to publish this Break Time Blog. I had scheduled 11:00am and a possible 8:30 am hair cut, so I was in position to score because I’m on my square…by 9:00 the phone rangphone again it was Lady  one of my long time and faithful client, she will be here with in 30 minutes by the time she arrived, I had made new plans after the cut to return to The Square and take a break…my first thought was to lay down but Ms Lady shared with me that once she’s up she don’t lay back down unless she’s feel bad. Her break time in her retirement is lay back in her favorite chair and relax, little do know she know that I took her advice and took my break time to write this Break Time Blog.

English: My friend Froggy at his computer duri...

English: My friend Froggy at his computer during a visit to Nottingham. Español: Mi amigo Froggy en su computador durante una visita a Nottingham. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve been on square typing for the last half hour break time blog post and I’m finish all I have to do is proof read upload a picture or two and publish it then I’m out the door.
11:32 is now the time, and no one called; I  will find the break time that I came looking for and lay my body down until I get a call…I’m 5 minutes from the Salon and a few  steps from my bedroom I’m take a break and a nap…I see you soon in The Break Room.


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