My Square Buddy

Have you ever had a buddy???The kind guy that’s a lot bigger than yourself that you wouldn’t mind having on your side when you real need help in a rumble or fight?…you know what I mean

My Name Is Buddy

My Name Is Buddy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

psquareI’ve met a buddy here at Piquette Square Palace creatively I’ve come to rename it because of its uniquely designed entrance which is call The Palace entrance…I call this home Piquette Square Veteran permanent Housing for the Homeless Vet 6221 Brush St Detroit, Mi.. A graduate of high salute out to Southwest Solutions for your management of this wonderful secured technical modern building…and not only that a consular’s assigned to help the Vets goals planning, personal development and a host other resources to restored for each Vet back into the quaintly of living.

Well, enough of that Buddy let’s get back talking about My Square buddy which refers only to you. You seem like one of the” good guys” that day in the computer room while I was  having a first day…new kid on the square attack and I needed some help, again I say Mucho Gracias..mi Amigo Square.

Time pasted… and I’m no longer the new kid on the square. I’ve made my rounds and I’ve gotten very comfortable and settled in my square… Let’s see going on 3 months now here at Piquette Square…hum, and loving every minute of it; and to be able to walk to work this in its self is the blessing it’s self…how cool is that..dederrick.Let’s formally meet I’m De Derrick  Hair Stylist/Barber at Mel’s Salon 6080 Woodward Ave.,Det., Mi 48202 in the next block corner of Piquette.nails

talk about a Square Deal

I’m living the best of both worlds…here and at home.

Today is Labor Day Monday and I just stepped out of my square to get a breath of fresh air; and I bumped into My Square Buddy at The Palace entrance and quickly the Spirit reconnected with a spark having us  sharing our morning “one on one” communication with God.

My Square Buddy shared how every morning after opening his eyes and out of bed, when his feet touch the floor their moving towards the Bible; just to be able to put his hands on it made the morning difference. After praying and mention….he says “he’s now ready for the day.”

I ‘m so happy we share a moment of time to talk of the love of God believe me when I say  buddy were definitely on the same Square of Life. stair

Love The Lord for He as heard my cry and placed you and I and many other Veterans at  Piqutte Square.

Let’s continue to always generate brotherly Love and Hope throughout the square.

I’m sure you would agree and everyone else when I say; that Jesus is the greatest man the world has ever known..

Jesus said…I come that you have more life and to have it more abundantly life John 10:10


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