The Last Roll

The Last Roll of anything most times is not a good thing…only in the Bathroom.

dederrickI am a Veteran USAF, De Derrick Smith and I reside at Piqutte Square Veteran’s Permanent Housing for the Homeless Vet 6221 Brush St. Det.,MI.psquare

This is a beautiful 150 room square Apartment facilities is the best square I’ve ever been on in my Life.

Today, I have the chance become the product of Personal Development improving areas of my Life which includes Faith, Family, Finance, Family, following, friends and fun.

I listen CD’s and I read Leadership books that will curving  my life and molding me into The Entrepreneur person who I have been working with for the last 20 years…Me, with trail and error heart-break and despair of would be internet programs taking me to the bank is enough to quit

But I never gave up because Jesus said; I in John 10:10 I come to bring you life; and to have Life more abundant. This is my creed and I Believe. life1

Today I’m thankful to be able to live the best both world’s  saving time and money; my “Work place and Living space” all with in a 5 minute walk That’s God.

I’m living  in the comforts in possibilities of life’s enrichment’s live each day here on “the square of living Life” at Life terms

I now have a better leverage to make choices in accomplishing my goals of success on the internet with a positive mind-set that says “YES I CAN”.

Because of this wonderful military housing Program and along with Southwest Solution Management Co. I ‘m more now focus on storing like eagle and still have the weight of humbness  to keep my feet planted  on the knowledge ands concepts of Personal Development.

pqNow I would like to take you on a tour of the “square” beginning with; easy rentl, central air, computer room, wi-fi, state of the art Landry room, Library, tv room adjoining to the  patio.

50 feet greener/garden; and at the end of the square fly 7 flags flying freedom and liberty: Army, Air force, Marines, Navel Seal, Cost Guard, State Police, POW – MIA and flying the colors of the red, white and blue center  front closing the square with the illusion of an invisible wall  representing Liberty and Freedom having the square to be complete.pq2

I’m just getting started to express my feeling of gratitude of thanks for gifts and opportunity available   for advancement in my and life challenges and  living conditions.

I love this modern square building it’s clean, secured , furnished with everything for the Vet to start living again the quality of life.

When I moved into my square it was furnished with  pots and a pan, plates, cups and glasses silver ware of we wouldn’t want to eat with hands always just kidding…I also learn to laugh at myself.

I’m still not the end of my roll but, I’m getting there…I slept the first night on clean sheets and had toilet articles towels and face cloths and a blank and even a pillow..

English: A homeless man in Detroit Cass Corrid...

English: A homeless man in Detroit Cass Corridor, 1973. Photograph by Patty Mooney (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Being homeless is a place you’ll forget and never go back to…It has its way of having you to  forget about sheets and toilet articles. and concentrate of surviving .

The last roll refers to this blog.

I save last gift  last to intentionally  make a very important point.

To add to the list of inventory was is toilet paper.

YES… toilet no, square is complete without toilet paper.

When I moved here I had four rolls of toilet paper on the plunger stick and a fresh on the wall that’s 5 rolls.

A roll of toilet paper attached to the wall of...

A roll of toilet paper attached to the wall of a bathroom. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m going on 4 months of living here at the Square and ; I’m down to the last row now that would have anyone uncomfortable enough to get up on your own get another roll…and you know I did…Man Up!!

This reminds of how I visualize Life.

We all get a fresh roll of toilet paper at birth;  by the time you reach 50 – 60 you have used maybe half the roll…now it’s time to make everything count because life as we know it is getting shorter and shorter by the day…and minded you please no one get another roll.

So in conclusion I thank God, Veteran’s Administration‘s, Southwest Solution and anybody else connected with this Housing  Program for The homeless Veteran.

The race is not given to the swift to the one that endure The Last Roll.

never give up

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