Rat Race

The Rat Race…r u Tired Yet? Well let me run it down…

English: Modern life - rush rush rush. M54

English: Modern life – rush rush rush. M54 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mr. Rat Race Successful Businessman wished for the simple things of life but; was always to busy and had no time to stop to smell the flowers or spend time with the family. Rush, Rush, Rush was Mr. Rat’s daily Rat Race routine.

Mr. Florist Delivery Man had plenty of time to smell the flowers but delivering Flowers was not paying all the bills Mr. Florist Delivery Man was a visionary and always dream of owning his own business…computer-125x125-2

Which one of these men would you identify your life with… Before you answer that…My life is like Mr. Florist Delivery Man; living from paycheck to paycheck; also;derico2 but I’m a visionary  and Entrepreneur and I don’t STOP! just ask any on that knows De Derrick; I’m always looking for opportunity in bettering myself through the reading of new information, turning the TV off, continue working hard on my Square of The America Dream.

Today I’m living in a square of comfort and containment and I really don’t want to come out; I feel  as if I were young again warped in the cradle of a mother’s arms making everything right.

pqI love this Square  it offers the tools of quality living and a better Life Style.psquarepq2

Southwest Soultion is  the first Management Co. that I know; that not only collects the rent every month  mantaines the property, but  care enough  in offing the Vet an assigned a consular for each unit Vet; helping with employment, living skills, education, helping with goals and goal settings and communicating
with Veteran on personal needs.

A Sulate to the Soultion and thanks for going out on the lime to help The Homeless Vet make a come back.

I’m not rich…are you? I’m rich today with New Information that changing my Life today with a new walk and aditud… I now feel that I have a chance in   changing the World.

I see a much clear vision of Personal Development guiding my life in helping me build strong morels, character building, and develop good integrity building  on my word.

I believe so strong on this Square that I set…it would be fair to warn you  I’m not trying to get off my Square.

I can WIN this  rat race with the opportunites in front of me  here at Piqutte;  turning any Rat Race sitution into a peaceful walk with God showing me purpose which makes it devine… I just can’t lose.never give up

In Conclution: Keep in mind the race is not always given to the swift, but to the one that will hold out and say “Yes I Can” God has designed this Race for personal for me.

So Let the race begin….continue to stand on His Promises.

The Square Opinion: Never give up on your hopes and dreams together they are part of Life… that moves us to that next Square in Success.don't quit

So Let the race begin….I’m  going to have a strong finish…because I have a strong Faith standing on His Promises.


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