The Holly Spirit Party

STAR2The term off the “hook” or  off the “chain” is a common expression of a breath taking…mind blowing experience …hot and it was easy to make it a meorony event…and you definly would want to tell someone…wouldn’t? Just as I’m telling, is a Spiritual Party don’t stop because it  deep with joy happiness for life. It’s none stop…going on and on spreading like wild-fire brush fire traveling rapidly.

Holly Berries

Holly Berries (Photo credit: Dalboz17)

Sunday August 18, 2013 turned out to be explosive and spirit moving day.

From the time I walked into the sanctuary all I could see across the altar was a table as long as the room…loaded with all kind of food..  I feel the whole church was moved from this spiritual event that the church work very hard setting aside time, effort and talents  paying recognition praise, honor, love and love admiration for the Holly Spirit that dells in the hearts of its members at La Casa de mi Padre and around the World were  Demetrio y Yoland Contreras are the Pastores.  banner2n

Holly Spirit

Holly Spirit (Photo credit: jmarconi)

Hot and hummed and  up front were I danced like David kicking off my shoes and danced with the spirit that flows Hot through throughout my body…every praise is  lifted up to Our Father God giving Him praise with worship songs singing on one cored  from the Holly Spirit …God is good and He’s been better to us than we have to ourselves…so again every praise to Our God.

Pastor Yoland will be preaching from Psalm 61:1-3…Psalm 42…Isa. 44:3 she always with  tears of passion for The Love of God…after all He’s our all in all.

Pastora  preached a good word that jumped out to me in Psalm 3 where He shelters us …how many know that he will provide for us?

Psalm 42:3 always sadness to my eyes when I cry out tears of meat..Where is thy God?

Isa 44:3 was a message of thirst.. image having a bucket of water pour on your head…as I read this scripture over a dozen times I now understand pour it on me.. karen This was a very special day as you can see .food4         christerfercamareapastorstable3the boysEverybody is making perpetration to be served and serve on this Glorious Day.

In my opinion this party celebration was no different from last year only that 364 days have pasted and the bows on the chairs last year was purple this year blue .. Good job Good Job Church. I’m honor as an Afro American to  be of an ambassador  sharing my experience  and go home and tell someone and try to bring someone with me next year.peple        table3

Because of the time line of 1 year between celebration of the Holly Spirit has  given me opportunity to reflect on my spiritual growth, accomplishments, achievements and the  love to I render to Christ…and what am I doing help the body of Christ to lift Him up and to be about my Father’s business.

derico2I Love the Lord and he has done so much for me that I can’t tell it all…but I will mention the wonderful gift of learning to speak Spanish. I could have rejected this assignment by not studying or finding any excuse…but I continued to study over 15 years on my own; the discipline was hard but nothing worth having comes easy I keep telling myself at the time not understand my assignment or what’s the purpose and now I understand a little better.

After tiring  years rolled by, things got to be a little easer…now that I more familiar with changing the word ends on ar, er ir verbs and sentence structuring.. I strengthen my vocabulary but thinking out load, frankly  I had no one to converse with…that’s when it hit me….go  church which that made all the difference in the world

Over the years I have attend servarl  other Espana Church congregations that were OK or fine  and they all preached the word of God and accept the color tone have   …but this is first and far most the one I enjoy being comfortable at Home…I love you La Casa de mi Padre.stair

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