good moring cybernetic readers…

Thank God for another Gift of Life.life1

We Love you Father, but I Love you more take my call personally.

Today is the day to take things personally.

I will rejoice and be glade in it.stair

After reading the Daily Bread and my scriptures of the word of God. I read and meditate on His Word…listening to His still quite voice that only I can hear so I …take it Personally because no one else can be me. Have you ever heard His voice…that was Personal to you as it with me?

I feel GREAT and in touch with that Good and Loving  Spirit all inside my Bones…I will walk out of my square today with my head high to the sky, shoulders back with smile headed …South of the border down River is where I find  La Casa de mi Padre Church of God.

2nPersonally I feel La Casa de Mi Padre is more than a church service …stepping out of my Comfort Zone I learning Spanish which has been my hearts desire.banner

 I’m completing my Goals and challenges of my assignment of God… day by day as I listen tentatively to The Word and sing Praises to our God in church; only than will I master and hear all.

We thank you and Love You for your Son Jesus; The Greatest Man I Know…life1

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