8 Vet’s Volunteering

The Magnificent 8 Rides again at  the Piquette Gardenpq

My Monday break, my off day, my slow down time pace where I don’t rush and basically do what I want to do…I had no idea I’ll be pulling weeds.

good moringMy morning starting Great 7:00 am; with the spirit of Life and Purpose in Plan.

God is so good…couldn’t do nothing with Him and the things I do is not worth the vanity of discuss. I’m up and on the floor with spirit with straight out arms of thankfulness and gratitude for another day; after which I move to my corner square of Daily Bread reading as my guide in completing reading the Bible in one year…; then payer time…than I’m on my way to make my day.stair

Today was like any other Monday; with no outside plans and my intentions were to stay on my Square and Blog…the time past by and I was accomplishing positive results as I worked my Blog Writings.computer-125x125-2

psquareBy 10:00 an announcement over the intercom announcing a call for volunteers to help pull weeds in The Piqutte Square Housing for The Homeless Vet.

honor guard2The square is in preparation for 2nd Annual Patriot’s Day Observance, September 11, 2013 6 pm for more information, please contact Chery Allen Volunteer and Veterans resource Coordinator 313.297.1377..so you can image we had to tighten up The Square that truly was in need of an up lift Garden make over.

Now mind you I really had plans for today; and I’m a little behind schedule with so much writing …but I answered the call along with 7 other  Volunteers…hum vets out of 150 units…I don’t get it and pizza was served after the make over.nails

Wow, like on the tv talks show; when the make over model  friends take off there blind fold…WOW!! The garden looks great for our guest and it improved my square view of the garden from my window.

clockWe finish by 2:00 and what a relieve dirty, sweating …I see management keep their promise of pizza and drink…here comes Paul; Building Manger with the eat’sfood7…and I’m glade he was there because there were folks in line with plates in their hands in hopes for a piece meat; and had not done any work…I couldn’t believe it but it was so…I glade Paul was there to say NO! No work not eat I mean…read your the Bible…it’s not going to change

Today was a good day and I feel Great as I type…. The crew of 8 for different reason volunteered  with any excess to come with doing the right of caring without any calling attention….it’s all in the Honor for a job well done!

But as a Blog Writer I must mention their names;work3Mikework3 Mike, work7Derrick, Glenlina,work5 Al, 2work6 Joe’s and workDe Derrick. This was a good to get more acquainted with the Vet’s on The Square. I moved around and talk to my fellow Vet’s because this is how I I’m socially I’m connected…I have a personality were I can get along with most any one…and handle the one I can’t I by moving to another square of life. Al said he was straight up for the pizza and I admire his “real talk”.

I had a pleasure in meeting another Derrick on the square…but keep in mind dederrickI’m De Derrick Barber/Stylist at Mel’s Salon & Associate’s 6080 Woodward Ave. Detroit, Mi., 48202 I was glade to see Joe another writer that I had already know…Mike I just meet but I remember talking to him my first day at Piqutte.. Glenlina keep the music coming as I  rocked and pulled weeds to the melody of The Spinners.

work2The other Joe I call “General”  his topics of interest and today’s world news amazes me… he was talking about nature and how amazing how the roots of the ground, runs on and on and sometime takes control by chocking out the beauty of a Flowers or vegetation life.

I mention that at my parents house a masses tree roots bulked the cement payment in our driveway.

The General spoke about harvest and how we kept what is good and throw out what we don’t want…reminding me of some past Leadership material I once read.

Leader are Gardeners of their own minds…weeds of false beliefs, attached to the brain, blocking out the good idea from taking root.

Today I take charge of myself through Personal Square 101 Development; and study on my Virtue of Wisdom, justice, Courage, Love, Temperance and The virtue of Transcendence.

With these tools I’m able to study myself make improvement on a Change of Life so I can aid in Changing the World.life1

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