Drink Up Church

pepleDrink up and be merry is a cheerful creed when the Spirits of too much to Drink causes one to stumble..I say let go and let God.

Drinking up and being marry is nothing to compare in the joy of the Spirit lifting Jesus up…stair

Today was a day of thanks and rejoicing to the Glory of God and be glad in it.

bannerThis morning the church of La Casa de mi Padre drink of the spirit of Worship and Praise to Our God.

The Spirit of David was dancing in my head and my feet were on fire blazing with the step of The Holly Ghost. I dance to my heart was satisfy then I fell out with the joy spirit of lifting the Son.

derico2 Hi I’m De Derrick and I love the Lord for He has heard my cry and answered with a  gift of Spiritual Praise and Worship to be for rendered unto Him for ALL is His…for this is reason; and reason only; we were created for His pleasure of purpose design for each of His children’s.

STAR2Today… during Worship Service the Spirit had me over the limit of sanity  it had me singing, clapping of hands, jumping and then I found myself rolling on the altar  floor…  spiritually I was out of control..it’s a feeling like driving on a slipper wet, icy road and  hitting the breaks; and now you know how it feels to be out of control letting go and let God.

No matter what I’ve become as a man thus far in life; I’m forgiven of my sins. I truly ask God years ago for this

spirit of feelings out of control; and he delivered the Gift of Praise and Worship…my deliver God my Savior…this is why every Praise is to our God.

christerferAfter service the church fellowship over bread and drink. As a stranger in another community with different taste of customs I feel so special to informing my brother’s and Sister’s of the good happenings at La Casa de mi Padre…a church for everyone.

Blessed Ambassador not only to Christ but also representing the African America Community  and I’m very proud to be in the ranks of dignitaries of The King all setting at the tables of La Casa de me Padre…So let’s Drink Up and Eat the bread of Glory of the body of Christ.food4

food5Today’s menu is banana hoja de platano, wheat of corn, harina de maiz…and for the Drinks we Jamaica purple in color and Melon the shade of yellow.food6

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