The Honor Guard

honor guard2An honor guard, or ceremonial guard, is a ceremonial unit, usually military in nature and composed of volunteers who are carefully screened for their physical ability and dexterity.

psquareJune 18 was a day I’ll never forget; it was the day
I move into Piquette Square Veteran Housing 6221 Brush St. Detroit, MI. 48202.

derico2Hi I’m De Derrick an honored Veteran  and a  happy solider living the Life  a resident at “The Square” I claim this as the rock I stand on “Square One”…back to the basic of Personal Development

Today I’m so Honor to tell you a story of honor…when a young newly Boy Scout member asked is mother what is Honor after practicing his Scout Pledge…On my Honor I’ll do my best, the boy was a little puzzle in wondering were was his Honor and what did it look like.

…so his mother told her son; son, you silly boy… you can’t see Honor it is doing the right thing…when no one is looking…oh!…said the youngster with an incent look of wonder…” is it like when you color your grey hair while daddy is at the office”? Now this apart of the story is fiction; just to dramatize a thinking point …What do you think????

In my opinion about Honor is a feeling of rightness at the time no one’s looking.

Today in Personal Square 101 Development and in during the right thing to announce

  pqPiqutte Square Honor Guards in full Review and salute  at Piquette Square The Task Force Committee invites you to attend the 2nd Annual PATRIOT’S Day observance Wednesday, September 11, 2013 6:00 pm 6221 Brush St.

For more information, please contact Chery Allen, Volunteer and Veterans resource Coordinator.

My first encounters with the Honor Guards was June 18, 2013 my “B” Day and celebrating my first morning rise at on my Square….apt.

I had just walked into The Third annual  Plazo Party Massco Corporation giving back to the Vet with hot food, ice cream,  fun, line dance all in one Square. I can’t stop thinking how kind volunteers of the Massaco Corporation making the party a success….a thankful Salute  to the volunteers of Massco Corporation…see you next year.

I was high on Life about moving in and the” joy and happiness was bubbling from within; today was one of the best day of my Life, and to think it was my “B” Day; by the time the party was over everyone was singing Happy “B” ” to me.

honor guardThe Honor Guards for this ceremony was in full uniform display; marching in style in the direction of the 7 flags that waves for Freedom at the west end of the square: POW – MIA, Army, Air Force, Marines , Navy, Coast Guard and State Police and the red white and blue center point.pq2

As their return march, single file…military style the seen me thinking about my marching days USAF; and seriously thinking to myself about my Honor; and how I will hold up when the World is not looking…and when God calls me home…will there be someone with enough Honor to carry my load?

I was invited to one of the Honor Guard  meeting because I wanted to know more of the organization. I found out that they were discussing their plans of action for the up coming event here at the square…. polishing up the rifles and shinning up their boots in Honor of the 2nd Annual PATRIOT’S Day Observance.life1

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