Thank God

good moring to The World and if you are fortune  to be alive and breathing the breath of Our God.

It’s a beautiful morning open to a multitude of opportunities and blessing.anger But first you must let go of that bed; and get your head out of that pillow and get your day started.

This is the day The Lord has made; we should get up and read that Bible verse with more understanding the second time around , pray and let’s get started. …so let’s and let God.stair

Yesterday The Magnificent 8 give the Garden at Piquette Square a beautiful make over to view our success in landscaping click here.pq

Today I up and Adam with my daily morning routes giving every Praise to Our

I’ve read and prayed for myself, and the world and to let God knows that with a sincere heart I love and Adore Him.

Last night the computer frozen on me…I’m sure this has  happen to many other computer user, so after a long day of gardening pulling weeds and writing a continuous Blog experience of

clockI went to bed early it was 9:00 am…waking I guess it was 2:00 am and  I went to the bathroom and returning I saw a note under the door…at first I thought it was from mi Amigo that I don’t wish to play with any more…but I’ll blog what happen at another time.

The note was from Vets in Action holding a meeting today at 6:00. I feel single out for some reason and I will find out…but who ever slid that note under my door has me feeling connected here Piquette. I went back to bed but my thoughts were open for creativeness so I got up and went to the compute to blog but it was still frozen up…I gave myself credit with a pat on back for the effort this time of morning.

psquareLiving here at Piquette I am now comfortable  and relax to write well into my heart’s content because of the wonderful Housing program here at Piquette…I’m during that thing that as me happy.

I just called the Salon and talked to the receptionist and check my book…. all clear no one is on the book…  so  with that call made; leaving room to work a little while longer to Blog.

I Thank God everyday for the Blessing of a 5 minute walk from the square to Mel’s Salon & Associate’s 6080 Woodward Ave. Detroit, MI. I  Praising Him every step of the way.

Well, let’s see as I ponder my mind sorting things in place on this day and time…I’m in to my fourth month here at Piquette; one day I vision celebrating four to five years and still I’ll be content…sure things will go up and down and things at time are good or bad; either way I now roll better with the Punches know that I know…because of a nice 450 square foot of living space I’m set to handle any circumstance that I’m hit with.

pq2I have a very nice view of the Garden area opens my creative flow; which travels from my mind through; my arms that extents to my fingers that type all day long with speed.

God blesses in so many areas of our lives it’s always a good time to testify the goodness of his Glory…I type very well because I was trained in The USAF and; I never forgot my home key position which gives me the edge; generally I can type 50 60 words with about 4 errors… today I would image 70 -80 with 2 mistakes I I do my own blessing using my typing skills to aid in My Personal Square 101 Blog

I think God again; and really  we just can’t think Him enough as the saying goes “if I had 10,000 tongue I couldn’t thank Him enough” for all the goodness mercy He provides is us.

computer-125x125-2I think Him again for… I don’t have to peck at the keys nor look at them it’s like typing with the speed of thought…it’s funny God is so awesome with his creation that He knew I would one day be typing Blogs and needed the help of this Skill. I thank you God as I continue to type the sweetest Blogs for You.

Tomorrow will be the Observance Day of the horrible attack on our country state side and to reflex on where were you and what was you doing at the time of 9/11.

honor guard2This event is sponsor by The  Task Force Committee and I’m looking forward in meeting with the organization to see what it’s all about.

The time on my computer is 8:42 and no one as called I guess I’ll fix some breakfast which is the most important meal of the day beside the meat that we read in Our Daily Bread…Aleuya for the Word.

Well the clock on my computer reads 9:27. I’ve completed breakfastfood5 and no one as called. I fashioned my hair in a quick efficient natural kind way.423454_3786500974407_119973176_a

I’m a custom of wearing my hair in many styles. I’m partial to a good press n curl through, but recently I been wear the  Natural Style and letting it go…saves time and stress to let your Hair Rest.

In conclusion: As advance to another square of productive in Self Development  for myself today.

I go out into the World and leave my home square  in route to my work square called Mel’s Salon 5 minute ; walk talking to my Father and listening to the Holly Spirit that dwells in my soul and heart for God’s direction of the next Square.

PS I just got a phonecall from Ann she is in the area and I’m on my way to shop…


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