Thank God pt. 2

stairThank God for another part in life struggles  that has mature my heart because of wisdom.

Today I  used a good choice of action by staying at home and type. I finished My Thank God blog and now the continuation of many Thanks to Our God.

After I had received thephone phone call from Ann that wanted to come in the Salon because she was in the area…fine with me 5 minute away so I started to make a move toward the Salon.

I arrived to the Salon at 11:30…I went to play my lottery number at the BP Gas Station… same number everyday sometimes we win sometime we loose.

I’m inside the Salon and climbing the stairs with my smart phone playing the tune form

Image representing YouTube as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

You Tube Vashawn Mitchell’s Greatest Man I Know step by step, boy I made it to the top…boy these steps are getting harder and harder to climb…but each day I make it..Thank you for the strength of my legs.

Norma was relaxing someone hair, but as I look closely it was Ms. Coby our shampoo assistance.

Coby has completed her school requirement and soon will be going before the board…Good morning Norma and Coby…Norma asked me what happen because I ‘m general at my station…but today was different you see I stayed on my square typing the Blog Thank God. Norma asked me would I rinse her client Ms Kendrick she had color on her hair.

Just has I began to rinse Ms Kendricks; my client Ann was announced on the intercom …Hi Ann have a seat I’ll be right with you…Ann and I go back days when  I had my own shop experience in hair…It was cool and affordable.

At the time I was paying booth rent ofmoney $100 a month and my rent was cheaper than that…so I moved and was happy as a salon owner until the roaches came form the apartment up stair…Now I must move had no idea but I found a building in River Rouge and quickly realize that this was not set up for a salon and would take a lot of money to bring up to code….so I went back to square one Booth Rent. Ann has a short cut n curl style which I’m partial with.

I’m knowleable of all phases of hair I prefer short…because it suits my style.

It’s 2:00 pm and Ann and I talk over old times it’s always good to see her…I had to smile to my self when she left “I told he to call me when you need me” and old saying I got from Betty…co work that I worked with in the pass.

new meAs a man I’ve been curling  my own hair for years which; has given me a slight edge in styling hair in a woman’s industry…Ann style is complete now she’s looking in the mirror with satifaction ..her hair looks nice and she’s off and running to meet life’s obligations of today. Ann was my only client of the day…I quess I’ll go home and take a nap to get rested for a Group meeting called Vet in Action…someone had slid a note to inviting me to a meeting under my door….wondering “What’s up”

STAR2Thank you God for this pt. 2 continuation of the “Thank  God” Blog giving me a wonderful spiritual enlightenment of my advancement in my ongoing Spiritual Development…this creative energy is the same creative energy that we all posses, but the key is to make use of it when it comes to gain strength and endurance to become anything you want to become, It’s a Gift from God for the more I write the better I become through the law of attraction I Thank you God.


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