Day Begins

Day Begins with an eye-opening of awareness of being alive and breathing the gift of Life.

life1The gift of Life is John 10:10 were Jesus said “I come to bring you Life and to have it more abundantly.

Today I’m feeling the live style of abundance of Life that steams form God above. I love you today even more than yesterday and Life Begins Today.

Life Begins (film)

Life Begins (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thank you for this day, marking the first day of the rest of my Life and because of this I’m free and open to all the Opportunities in store for me Toady I’ve read my  Scriptures and The Daily Bread and  praise You for Your Gloria.

Thank you for this day of Beauty and Grace and the wonderous of your handy work of  creation.

I want to complain about any thing today; by keeping my sights on you and keeping in mind

A "What Would Jesus Do?" (WWJD) bracelet

A “What Would Jesus Do?” (WWJD) bracelet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

WWJD” what would Jesus do…and I’ll do the same.

Thank You for this Day.

Getup Get God

Getup Get God (Photo credit: prettywar-stl)

Day Begins with you and how you start your morning as you open eye to vision another day…Get up and Begin you day…God’s way; by letting go and let Him have is way.life1

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