Forbidden Saturday

 I HAVE BEEN FORBIDDEN to be the person I truly am.

I HAVE BEEN FORBIDDEN to express my true feelings.

I HAVE BEEN FORBIDDEN to be a successor.

I HAVE BEEN FORBIDDEN to get an eduction.



For all of my life I have been FORBIDDEN, FORBIDDEN, FORBIDDEN

For now my LIMITATIONS set before me are FORBIDDEN, FORBIDDEN, FORBIDDEN so I’m changing the rules

Good Morning…it’s Saturday at the Salon and no telling what it’s going to unfold today. I have a few client’s on the book …I just wish it would come and come quickly and go… so I can get on my way and enjoy the week end…I’m just like any other working class working toward the week-end.

It’s unfortunate that in the Salon Industries we must work out our Saturdays to the end.


TGIF (ABC) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now, for  “The TGIF lovers” thank goodness it’s friday. Saturday, this their day to run errors and do the “me” time in The Salon.

I don’t mind because I have a Labor of Love for my Profession and after all my “me” time  is Monday.

I’m De Derrick  in need for a cut…now mind you… I can cut it myself to get by… but today I want more than a get by…I was in need for a Professional Cut and turned to Distinctive Styles Hair Salon 3011 W. Grand boulevard Suite 109… 5 minute walk from Mel’s Salon & Associates  6080 Woodward Ave. where I work as a Hair Stylist/Barber.

Distinctive Styles LaShawn Greene Manager/Stylist ..Hi LaShawn…Remember Beauty on The Bouvard were  I Hosted a Monday Nite Networking  Promotion Nite in 2003 in the lower level of the Fisher Building…Thankx for the support.

I just walked in the Salon and LaShawn was there to greet me with that lovely smile… we Chatted for a moment as she returned to her client; as I  quickly survey of the The Salon looking for my Sister Sun Shine.. we go back the day’s of Kenneth Kennard Hair Salon day’s of the 90’s  she has done my hair when it was longer and I knew she does barber cuts, but she was busy and I wasn’t going to wait because @ that moment Plan B was now going into effect in my mind just I as a  turned round their was Carlito My Plan B and he was  not busy perfetcto!…keeping in mind I’m on a break from my chair, a Forbidden Saturday to be away but I took a chance, and time is the essence and I got to keep it moving; and moving we did straight towards Carlito Styling Station… and we got busy.

I explained to Carlito; I wanted a Tapper Cut with a little off the top and he got busy working his magic. I was great!  to see Carlito again a former Co-Worker from Klassy C’s Hair Salon . We had some good times working side by side; and now different times…  different places but only  5 minutes away… still mi Amigo.

As I write this Blog I think about the day Carlito started working @ Klassy C’s a little green but he grew fast…I have always admired Carlito go “get-em-ship”… he would bring them off the street… in between clients you can find Carlito shaping up his tools of the trade getting ready for the next cut..Thanks for hooking a brother up…I’ll be back.


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