3 Lost Blogs

angerI lost 3 Blogs through the systems mal functions and I was very hurt.

I think the hardest hit was the lost of time that went into to each one.

Crying will not help, although I feel it would be easy to wipe the tears and move on, but feelings hurt lingers with in, to alone depression to set in…this is the first time in 3 days, that have set down to blog…but here I’m getting better to move forward… it goes to show the “therapy” that comes with Blogging.

The 3 Blogs were very personal in writing and time-consuming to say the least.

English: Blogs on JoopeA

English: Blogs on JoopeA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The 3 Blogs were completely writing and each was 500 to 700 words, they were proof read; and all I had to do is up load the images to the Blogs and publish it..

I love Blog Writing,  it alones me to  release pressure of live…by writing things out, I’m able to take a step out of myself; to see myself better by…to be able to make improvements in my life by reading about what I wrote.

The 3 Blogs were in draft mode, and I was working with a Blog; and the screen frozen and I couldn’t move the commands of the dashboard of the blog. I close the window out; thinking that the worse that could happen was that the work I was doing that the changes may not have been saved.

When I realized the mistake that could only have happen internal with WordPress…and out of my controls.

I was hurt to think I lost the Blog I was editing…but to have 3 Blogs, delete, I was hurt and disgusted and I took it hard.never give up

Can you image each Blog was written in a personal setting…and the folks involved are looking for me to see it through…and I will.

My Personal Square 101 Development is all about myself developing into the success man who I see that I could become.

I worked hard through the years, reading books and CD’s on the subject of developing my mind to meet the changelings goals that comes with becoming an Entrepreneur.

I will absurd this Lost and move forward to writing The 3 Blogs, only then will I feel better and  then and, only then;  I will become better and fast at what I  now have become.life1

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