Last Cut

The only reason for cutting hair  is to add to one’s comfort in grooming and to keep up one’s appearance.

The old-fashioned notion, that frequent cutting of the hair and even shaving the scalp would augment its thickness has long since been completely discarded. The source of this fallacy must have been the gardener’s success at ”cutting back” rose bushes and other shrubs to make them grow more successfully.

hair follicle

hair follicle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The hair of the head which the naked eye discerns is fully developed, so no shaving or cutting can possibly affect the rate of its growth or influence its thickness. Painstaking research independents proved the scientific fact that no part of the hair shaft above the surface of the scalp is capable of independent growth…All growth develop within the hair scalp…Take for example may last cut of a long day…Say hello to Reggie Jr… is a young man that takes it bladed.

Reggie is 12 years  plays the piano, and during well in school with the help of family mentors; and his Grandmother Vacie is my co-worker…and  we work side by side @ Mel’s Salon & Associate 6080 Woodward Ave. Detroit, MI…so you know she’s watching us. The bladed Fade is a choice of style…and truly will  not augment its  thickness no way…frankly a Bladed Fade happen to be one of my specialties…it looks sharp and for the last Cut  of Today it saves time because there will be no lining…the lining is in the my friends check Reggie Jr. and give us a ”like”


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