Slow but Sure

Slow but Sure refers to a day at The Salon where you as an Stylist, might sit and wait, for a call or a walk in either way it’s a waiting game.

At time like this I refer to “the hair business” is like going to Court  you’re never know how you will come out.

The Salon Industry, to me is a different breed in employment work some look upon the industries has something we just do and do not consider Hair Styling as “a real job” I beg deferens it’s…BUSINESS and we wan like to get paid for our

We work by appointment and set our own daily pace, at times a walk in could and will add to your pockets of grace.

de1As for myself….Today started slow, but sure enough.. it pick up at the end of the day… Hi I’m De Derrick

clockIt all begin about 12:00 upon my return from Piquette Square Veteran Housing for Homeless Vets 6221 Brush St Detroit Mi where I’m a resident.pq

I went to my square…as I like called it.  No one was one the book…so I took advantage  and wrote the  Blog Day Begins.

Anthony was at the rear door   as I  to let me in at Mel’s Salon & Associate’s 6080 Woodward Ave. Detroit, MI. and when upstairs to see what going on with my sister’s in “Cos” cosmetology.017

I ate my lunch looking out of the window, over the roof top of Piqutte Square

psquareI’m happy and satisfy with the living arrangement here at the “Square” and thank God everyday for this wonderful program taking Veterans off the street and giving them a new chance and hope for a better quality of Living.

After I finished my lunch I went to my station in preparation of packing up to take my 5 minute walk to the now it’s 2:50 pm and I hear the announcement over the intercom…Derrick you have someone coming up to see you. my long time client and friend  for over 20 years.

Hi Ed how are you, and what are you going to have.

Ed replied a dye…great let’s get started.

I like Ed, I’ve styled his hair for years; retired Auto Worker Ed has always drove a Cadillac, and now a Linlcon…we talked of events in the news as I applied the services Ed is having a Cold Wave today many call it a Jerri Curl…and YES  “they are still in” .

I told Ed, I was about to leave and go home for today…but his timing was perfect; not to be turning down anything but my collar…but after I’m done with Ed I’m our the door…just as I spoke the phone rang…it was my adopted Parent’s wanting to come in…I say of course…my mother informed me that she and Dad was in the area and will beat the salon in 20 minutes…great I’ll be finish with Ed by that time because my parents have problems with the stairs so I will have to be swift to transitioning myself to be at the lower level when my Folks arrive.

I made it on time…I even had time to die Ed mustache and that’s a wrap handing Ed the mirror I was writing his receipt… Ok I asked…OK Mister Ed calls me at times…we walk down stairs together as we said our good byes…call me when you need me.

Perfect timing while in the back of Mel’s talking to Antony I see the folks pull up into the parking lot. I ran upstairs to gather my supply and ran back down…boy the stairs at Mel’s will give you the exercise  but it’s good for an old “G” like me.

Hi Ma, Hey Dad hey son they chanted,  I responded and good to see you…what are you having to Ma?

Die shampoo, condition, and flat-iron, she responded …OK, Dad is having a hair cut so I’ll get Ma hair die while she process for 25 minutes I’ll have time to cut Dads hair.

While I mixed the color with the developer ma informed me that the last time it didn’t take so be sure to get the edges…I said Ok and continued applying the color making sure to do my best.

Hey Dad..!

Hey Dad..! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ok Dad you’re next…Dad not big on talking, so I did most of the talking; as most Barber’s would do…I did the talking as I cut…completely grey we taper a look for Dad.

As I went to the shampoo area to check on Ma she was  comfortable with her neck in the bowl…OK sleepy head…I said and I begin to rinse  the die off, it took very well, and I blow dried  her and flat iron…giving a nice shine to her hair. Ma  hair has been going through some breakage, but we have been working in conditioning and by wearing her own hair and slowly but surely her hair is starting to show progress.


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