The New Client

Renaissance Center, Detroit, MI

Renaissance Center, Detroit, MI (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The New client, is  the person looking for something new in service or product; and it will be up to the sale person selling to their best ability to please and satisfy the client  to ensure a return visited.

The New Client or to some The New customer”  these two terms are the same in reference, for the purpose of this blog we well be using the term The New Client.

de1Hi.. I’m De Derrick USAF, Hair Stylist/Barber at Mel’s Salon & Associate’s 6080 Woodward Ave., Detroit, MI. 48202 and I like to refers to my customers as “Clients”…in my opinion it sound more professional in its standards.017

Today, I feel my Professional Standards are at it’s best when approached by a New Client or Prospect…I mean come on…aren’t we looking to impress our self or someone everyday with the right attitude on life , when we step out into the world…wouldn’t you agree?

We put out best foot forward to aim to please…

Keep reading… While I share a story with you about The New Clent… One day after completing cutting and styling.. I cleaned up my area; said my good nite’s  to my co workers and  proceeded down the stairs  thinking to myself…Boy what a day…just as I pasted the reception station on my way out the door I heardphone the phone rang and the reception called me help you…hello I said my name is Derrick how may I help you , she told me her name was Annie and she needed a curl, I said fine, and she made an appointment after I answer all of questions about the Salon Location; then I proceed  home, my 4 Corner Square Room;psquare at Piquette Square Veteran permanent Shelter Housing 6221 Brush St. Detroit, MI. 48217.

I love it here at Piquette and it’s more than just a room but it’s opportunity to live an affordable life style of living in a well secure building.  I,ve have been here four months now and I’m living every minute studying in my own Personal Development area’s of Life were I lack and need improvement.

And, now that the most important and 1 # basic human need has been met, I’m much happier and content in my writings while I live out this wonderful program here at Piquette “giving back to the Vets for Service render for their Country”.

,clockGood Morning, 7:45 am and I’m ahead of the game  on Saturday’s this is my starting time.. as the receptionist buzzed me in I notice a grey parked car out front …could this be my 8:00 as they approached the door I opened it and…sure enough they were looking for me…meet  “The New Client”

Hi I’m Annie…Hi I’m De Derrick as she proceed further into the saloon I notice Annie was moving a little slower, so I automatic changed direction to service her on the lower level…because to salon is located on the second floor…but here at Mel’s we have a four chair service in the back of the Salon for client that may have trouble with the stairs..

I set Annie at the shampoo bowl has I begin to drape her for her service, I asked question about her hair…she informed me she haven’t had a curl in about 7 months…it was time…I stated.

After  shampooing  her once we proceeded to the styling chair. Has I was applying the cold wave solution her Granddaughter, Tae Tai Gin that accompanied  her ask me was that what I was applying like a relaxer…no their two different services…cold wave is for curls…and the relaxes the hair. Her Tae Tai Gin, was very concerned and protective and showed a lot of love for her Grandmother.

Tae Tai Gin informed me that the salon were there used to go has gotten too busy and the entranced was not convent for her Grandmother’s condition.

I enjoyed talking to Tae Tai Gin she as a very award-winning personality. I mention the story blog that I was going to write about this portion of a day in the Salon. She mention that she like to write…my advice to her is to keep on writing, writing and let Love devolve your talent.never give up

Thank you for your Friendship on Face Book…

annieThe service completed and Annie is smiling with satisfaction of Curls….We said our goodbye’s and I cleaned the styling area and proceeded upstairs just in time for my 11:00 a.m. Old Clients…not old in numbers but in association…I’ve been doing this family for over a year…my Personal Standard that I still have much to work on…but I’m a little more relaxes now that you have seen the kind of work and service I perform.annie2

Hi Chris… and to the Family…who’s first? The Dad set in the styling chair because little Chris was in the bathroom with his Mother…I begin Chris service and while cutting I mention one thing about a family that styles together stays together.. just a little barber talk…we both laughed and move to another topic. Chris style is a  Fade…as I continued cutting.

chris2Meet the Old Client…Chris, Angie wife and Christopher.

I’ve been servicing Chris now going on about four years…we first met at Klassy C’s 7408 Woodward Detroit, Mi…this was the Salon where I worked before work here at Mel’s Chris was going to Carlito to get his hair cut…on day Carlito was not there or he had someone in the chair and one waiting so Carlito refered Chris to me…


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