Vacie is a co-worker of mine; that has a beautiful warm caring heart for others and she volunteers her time and service with a smile.

017 Vacie, and myself work at Mel’s Salon & Associate’s 6080 Woodward Ave. Detroit, MI. Vacie has been at Mel’s since the beginning and has worked her way from shampoo assistant, to becoming license  with The Detroit Board of cosmetology.

English: Grand Boulevard looking west through ...

English: Grand Boulevard looking west through the New Center in Detroit MI–Cadillac Place and the Fisher Building (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Vacie is the profusion in all type of styles. Vacie is a hard-working woman, she’s the kind that will tell the Doctor’s when she will get back to work…that had me thinking one day about my situation. After  hearing her saying that about my situation…and you know I’m just like Vacie…work is what we do…if you don’t work, you don’t eat.

vacie4vacie2Today is Vacie’s “B” Day a day we catch Vacie off guard and with a surprise.

vacie3Stay as you are Vacie, you’re a sweet and wonderful person…sure we have faults and imperfect; and that’s good it keeps us grounded in Christ for God is Prefect and not of us.stair

I love you Vacie and thank you for always saving a Hug for me.

new meYour Co Worker

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