A Spanish Journey


Ole (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

de1Let me tell you a story, of a young man by the name of De Derrick, USAF and the  struggles of learning to speak Spanish, and fell in Love with The Espanola Community all that is involved  the music, food, Culture History ,Their Beautiful Woman and the Spiritual connection of the Love of  family in the body of Christ, .

Speaking another language has many advantages that I will enjoy later, l but for now, it’s cool in terms in terms of exercising my mind in keeping it shape with the  translation in thought in my mind and to be able to communicate with some from another culture is cool also.. Learning to Speaking Spanish, will be my greatest accomplishment in my Life Journey, so many others like myself; that started the journey and gave up for what ever reason on speaking another any language…but I’m glad I never quit because the best is yet to come.

Spanish Civil War veterans remember a hero

Spanish Civil War veterans remember a hero (Photo credit: The Workers’ Party of Ireland)

The Spanish Journey  was a 15 year self thought journey bounded with frustration, disappointment question of doubt  and especially  that old demand of a negative thought that says “I’ll never make, it’s to hard and the biggest one was this is America and we speak English” so why should I learn Spanish?

Little, did I realize, 15 years ago was the  beginning of Purpose in my Life and I was being prep by God..by his divine plan for this is why were created…we can choose anything everything about our lives but we can’t choose our Purpose this comes only from God.

Countries with Spanish as official language an...

Countries with Spanish as official language and countries with a significant Spanish-speaking population. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m starting a new bilingual  Life Style of having 2 Communities, African America and  The Espanola Community… and now that I have a much better handle of understanding of…verb conjugation, sentence structuring and the difference tenses of action…and of course the building of the vocabulary through the years my word base is very large communicating is no big problem…only if we take it slow.

never give upI never quit, and for a real true moment at times I wanted  to quit…maybe I would not quit because I don’t want that feeling of becoming stuck in mind-set with no advancement and not reaping the Blessing God has in store for me because I quit.. so I kept advancing my studies; because of the stumbling blocks.. I over came with more confident in myself and the drive that kept me coming to completing my Gold.

At one,  time I remember was blown away when I realize how many verb end and the Past, Present and Future that I would have to remember it was very over whelming to say the lease…but I never quit…as the words of Martin Luke King “I’ve come to far to turn around now” and those words keep me moving forward in completing my Goal.

2nToday my Goal plan is to be flute Speaking in the Spanish language by the end of the year, and hope to will have my testimony at La Casa de mi Padre 999 Fort St. Lincoln PK. MI 12.31.13 new years eve.. I was their last year and the Pastor call on me to testify and I tried to speck in their tongue, but was I was not ready I feel I’m ready now, in that day It will be a day of being proud of  accomplish, years ago  when I thought I was going to lose what I learn because now one to talk to.. you know the old saying “If you don’t use it, you’re lose it” wouldn’t you agree?

I had nowhere to practice what I’ve learned…

Well, I tell you, I wasn’t taken any chances and when the Spirit inspired  me and I took notice, it was like the feeling of doing something right…go to church young man. At Church. there I could fine sanity in the Spirit of the Lord while I practice my Spanish in listening and participating  in the Praise and Worship Service. Singing in Spanish and to see the Spanish word on the screen was a big help in my studies.

I’ve been with LCDMP for four years as a full-time member…pulling from my African-American Church was a very hard , but I had step out  of the box, and out of my comfort zone to get closer in order to get stronger in my development of language leaning every now and then I get home sick for Spirit I left behind…every now and then I go back to visit.life1

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