Mighty Counselor


Jesus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jesus left us a Mighty Counselor which is the Holly Spirit that guides and directs our lives. It also brings us back to memory of the Scriptural Readings.

Today is Monday the off day for a Hair Stylist and I have a 10:00 am the appointment with my Counselor and I like to be on time.

wpid-wp-1380210517000.jpg I’m De Derrick,  resident at Piquette Square Veteran Permanent Housing for the Homeless Veterans. The program has been a big help in my Personal Development and  time as I define my Life Goals and Dreams.

psquareI been living here at the Square for five months now, and have… enjoyed every minute in association with other Vets while having Veteran news, opportunities, benefits and all the need to know is always posted throughout the building…we even get a monthly calendar slipped under our door and post on the elevator…how could anyone miss out??pq2pqwork

I have 450 square area to call my on apartment, I have everything I need to live a the quality of life and write my Blogs because we have WIFI..God is Good

017I reckon, the biggest Blessing in all of this… is that I work as a Hair Stylist/barber and within a 5 minute walk I’m at home at Mel’s Salon & Associate’s 6080 Woodward Ave., Detroit, MI. I living the best of both worlds.. how cool is that….so you can image that I high on life and Jesus Christ which came to give is Life and more abundant of it.

The Mighty Counselor is not only through the Holly Spirit but did you know that Piquette Square a Southwest Solution Management Co. assigns Counselors to all the residences here at the Square to help the Vets with there living conditions.

I thinks it’s a Mighty Great thing that Southwest Solutions Housing Management Co. would assign a Counselor that will aid in my development, as well as collecting the rent.money

clockIt’s 10:00 am, I like for you to meet my Wonderful Counselor Anquella Buchanan,MA,LLPC Veterans Supportive Housing specialist Ms Buchanan has been assigned to me and other Vets with help in goals settings, short-term and long-term we also talked about my ambitions in life and how was I during as far as settling  in here at Piqutte Square.

Ms Buchanan helped me by just having someone to listen professionally. Ms Buchanan brought out of  me a clearer vision of my short-term goal which is to become stronger in my faith and my daily devotion reading drawing me closer each day in the most important thing in my life…is to Inmate Christ.

Jesus Christ Morningstar

Jesus Christ Morningstar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

God will give to me everything I need by putting Him First in everything I do.

My Long Term Goal is by 75 years of age, to purchase a one way ticket to Puerto Rico and living out my Life using the language skills that I’ve learned to be able to speak Spanish…It took 15 years but I never gave up.

bannerI attend church service’s at La Casa di mi Padre 999 Fort St. Lincoln Park, Mi and I enjoy the full Spirit of it al in Spanish.

My next appointment with Ms. Buchanan is 11.11.13 Veteran Day, this will be a chance for me to publish my first Vet Hair Show Blog Style to introduce my Personal development Website to my Square Mates here at the Square I think it will be nice…check out a sneak preview of The Hair Show Blogger, because this is what I do for The consul of Style.



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