Taylor Made

Personal Development of Self Awareness, Building of Self esteem and identifying or improving potential is all involved when we walk out into the World of Business.

I consider myself a Taylor Made kind of person in more ways than one  …I like to be neatly dress…that makes me different of being myself…how’s your dress?

wpid-wp-1380210517000.jpgHi I’m De Derrick, Entrepreneur, Hair stylists/Barber, Internet Marketer, and today is all about that image that projects of what I’ve become to buy molded with a business/Internet Mindset that will compliment the out side of oneself.computer-125x125-2

the manDressing for the occasion while matching my attire has always come easy ever since I remember. I love matching colors with the mood for that day or evening looking real special with a look that state I’m different. I like, for my cloths to fit a certain way…I’ve always had a slim waist line and holding  from 140 – 150 was never a problem…5 years ago was up to 180 and that was a problem…one other time where my weight was up by 20 pounds,  when I was in the service USAF 1971…and this was during my Basic training, where three square meal was mandatory.

017Last year while working has a Stylist, at Mel’s Salon & Associate’s 6080 Woodward Ave. Detroit, MI. one day  my co-worker Norma, informed me that one of her clients had left 4 men suites that fit me but needed slight alterations of the pants in the waist. I tried to have the  cleaners do the alterations but still to big…I could still wear them but it just wasn’t fitting like I would like them to fit.

I was in need of help we all realize there is enough hour of the day to get things done, and for the last 4 years I’ve been without transportation…so my movement are limited in getting around…I thank God daily for the Blessing to be able to walk to work…5 minute’s to work.

One day while going to my hustle class at the Police Station Woodward & Blvd. I picked up a flyer on the information center to help this Taylor Made guy with his alterations problems.

The flyer read Sheila’s Styles with attitude @ Facebook.com 

phoneI called Sheila one day, and discussed the alterations of my suits, she was professional in her manner and agree to help, but she had to go out-of-town for a couple of weeks and she said she would call me back when she return.

She call me one day like she said, and I was glad because she’s in the neighborhood and I believe I’ll be in good hands that have that professional touch.

She told me over the phone that she worked in The New Center Area and on her break she would visit the salon. When she arrived we talked of business of tailoring of the suits. She left and told me to call her…well as you would know I didn’t call and a month few buy with busy schedule.

English: Highland Park Branch of Communicating...

English: Highland Park Branch of Communicating Arts Credit Union (Detroit, MI). CEO Hank Hubbard, stands outside the branch on just prior to our site visit. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just to show you how God works His plan of Purpose through his children. This day I went to my Credit Union and guess who was in line ahead of me…Sheila and she said those words, “Thought you were going to call” I forgot my reply, but I really I was not ready because of summer where I dress down, but now that we come into the Fall Season it’s time to custom up and get fitted by Sheila with a new enhanced attitude.

My Square Conclusion: Thanks be to God knowing what I need long before I even knew, He’s a Taylor Made God and I have a personal relationship through His words that’s has my Life Taylor made in the image of Christ.


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