The Melody of Life

The Melody of Life to me  is played silently in my mind through creativeness in every Blog that I write.. As a typist, my typing speed is up to about 85 wpm with about 2 mistakes, I typed in The USAF and never forgotten the key board, oh what a Blessing; which makes it  easier and faster to publish my Blogs, along with creativeness my style of Blog writing has become my Melody of Life as I type.

Blog writing opens the portal of creative writing on what ever you wish or dream about.To me life is a big Blog matiral to write about.

I’ve always enjoyed writing because of my penmanship…I’ve always been told that my handwriting is like a girl, which is neat, I guess but how does a girl write?

dericoI’m De Derrick, USAF I have always kept a journal to number my days, writing has always been in my DNA, my mother has a beautiful handwriting. Writing has always been fun and I didn’t mind.

Today, I write the Blogs as through I was playing a Melody on the piano as my fingers work the key board as a pianoist would play, I often think about my sister Gayle, she has been playing the piano since she was five or six.

Piano scheme. Français : Schema d'un piano à q...

Piano scheme. Français : Schema d’un piano à queue. Polski: Schemat fortepianu. {| cellspacing=”0″ style=”min-width:40em; color:#000; background:#ddd; border:1px solid #bbb; margin:.1em;” class=”layouttemplate” | style=”width:1.2em;height:1.2em;padding:.2em” | 20px |link=|center | style=”font-size:.85em; padding:.2em; vertical-align:middle” |This vector image was created with Inkscape. |} Fortepian – schemat.svg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My father one day bought piano, and had to take out the last four steps in the basement to get it in…that piano is still there…what a job getting it in, I know because I must have been eight years old in the way.

My father had it in his head that someone in the house was going to play the piano…and it was Gayle, with the real talent and gift and played into the Melody from God, my father Robert Smith was just the vessel that paid for her lessons.

My sister Linda and myself had the same opportunity to play Gayle is one out of five with a Blessing from God.

Through, the years my father bought a smaller piano and he place it in the Living Room, Gayle was growing up played with those Keys and got better and she  now she can practice upstairs.

Gayle started playing on church programs and was well on her way completing her Melody because she begin to play for Loyal Temple Baptist Church where at the time my mother Norma was the choir director.

Years now have advance and Gayle is now playing the melody of Life by giving back what Christ has given her into each student the same opportunity she had…Gayle teaches piano lesson in Atlanta, Ga. and plays for serveral churchs there.

My keyboard

My keyboard (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gayle has successfully named her business, Piano Keys for Christ and I’m proud of her accomplishments and achievements and especially your Marketing your abilities to build and brand a successful business.

Gayle took the plunge as an Entrepreneur years ago  this former Mary Kay, Avon Representative now plays her own tune with her Piano Keys for Christ.

Gayle, as you celebrate your five-year anniversary with your Piano Keys for Christ don’t stop your Melody of Life Teaching, our father would be so very proud of what he began and where you have taken it.

never give up

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