Keep on Truckin

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During the 70’s Eddie Kendricks had a hit record, called Keep on truckin. As a youngster I dance to the beat of the song, but never could really understand the words to the song but the chorus was referring to getting back to his Baby.


Truckin’ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Keep on Truckin to me is a push kind of action song that keeps you moving forward not to stop in what ever you’re doing kept on as long as it’s good in its nature and positive in the resources and never giving up on your desires or goals in Life…Keep on Trucking.

bruceI would like you to meet Bruce andde2 I’m De Derrick a client of mine that I cut with comb and scissors. I been cutting his hair for years and over the years we have  talked about everything under the sun while cutting his hair. I always talked about the Internet and all of the tools it provides for advertising on the

never give upOver the years through trail and error and an Solid Entrepreneur Spirited Mind Set, I’ve broken through the barrier of doubt and uncertainty of the Internet. Today I’m skillful with eMail Marketing, Website Development, auto responders, Internet Advertising and

One day, as Bruce call me  told me of his sister Rene that was in The Trucking Business and needed some help with advertising on The Internet. I called Rene and we discussed the matter of advertising and I assured her that I could help and she would call me back later to set a time to meet.

Three days went by,phone and 6:00 am Bruce call to inform me that he would be at the Mel’s Salon & Associate, 6080 Woodward Ave. Detroit, Mi. for a hair cut…I told him ok…Bruce was on schedule 8:00 am…good morning Bruce…Hey De as he sit his coffee down. Have seat Bruce  so I can drape you, I begin cutting his hair and Bruce ask me did I call Rene…yes I stated…time past and I was just about finish cutting when Bruce took out his phone to call his sister.

I wasn’t sure about Bruce calling so early in the morning, but that’s his sister, being so early but she answered and Bruce had her on the speaker and told her where he was just than I spoke hi Rene she was glade to hear from us…just as she was about to hang up she stated she was on her way  to get her hair done…well, well maybe I can help and I asked her what is she having…she stated press n curl and I told her I can accommodate her…she was thinking I was only a Barber but I am also a Stylist.

nailsSo she made the appointment and arrived within the hour Hi Rene, what are you going to have, she replied press n curl…OK let’s get started.

We had our meeting while I styled her hair…boy I’m living the life of a Stylist/Barber/Internet Marketer.

Keep on Truckin, De and don’t let up on dreams and goals. all in one day going on with the time by never giving up on anything that you believe in Rene was very satisfied with her hair.

Yes, I can help Rene, by building a web site for her Trucking Co. and stating her eMail data base, just a view ideas to Keep things Truckin.don't quit

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