English: Skull and crossbones

English: Skull and crossbones (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A topic that most of us would surely like to past up…help me talk it out.

Today I wish would past and it’s 6:37 pm  at Mel’s Salon & Associate’s 6080 Woodward Ave., Detroit, MI. with death of my friend Anthony.

Anthony was hit by a motorist last night. I will miss Anthony very much it’s hard to say in a Blog the feelings I’m sharing now.

Over the last three years this co-worker and I expressed some of our most profound thoughts on issues and the struggles of day-to-day Life.

We would go heads, eye to eye but it was face to face to face Brotherhood of Love…I will miss him very much but life goes on.

Death is anybody’s shock as for me this when the deliver of bad tithing to inform me of the death of my friend which was about 9:00 am. at The Salon I was stung without measure…it has been quite some time that Death has come so close to my door with the Death of Anthony.

I cried and was hurt with feelings of sadness I guess it’s because Anthony and myself had some personal business to take but he die today and I’m left to carry on with memories.

Carrying on is the hardest part of any Death the pain and sadness are left with ones to carry on…it was hard day at the Salon but I made it and I thank God.

conclusion:…them today… us tomorrow…Pastor Alex Hill would say.

In Spiritual Development 101, I recognize that Life is not certain and God is in control of Life and Death he’s one but I’m not alone and I should never take it for granted any more.

I thank God for this therapy Blog that by typing into all of my feels of sorrow that I’m now dealing with I’ll be a lot better to myself and move on with my Life…that’s what Blogging dose for me…thank you everyone for letting me share this Death Blog.


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