Street Smart Awareness

Kick-off of the Street Smart campaign, a progr...

Kick-off of the Street Smart campaign, a program designed to educate the public, drivers, pedestrians and cyclists about safely sharing the roads. Event highlights include: (Photo credit: Washington Area Bicyclist Association)

Thank God today for His Protection along a little Street Smart Awareness which is and don’t let The Element of Surprise catch you off guard paying attention to your surroundings while traveling the World.

Someone tried to rob me at the bus stop this morning while I was on my way to La Casa de mi Parde 999 Fort St. Lincoln Park, MI.,banner which is in English The House of My Father and I every minute in Spiritual in the Spirit of Worship and because I’ve crossed the over into another Community that I’ve fallen  in Love with.

I’s been a month since I have seen my Brother’s and Sister’s of Christ and I plan for this day and nothing short of death was going to keep me from during just that.

Today everything started Great  opening my eyes…glade to be alive, thanking God and Praising Him for another day, I’ve said my prayers and read scriptures and off and running to catch the bus.

Now mind you I’m on the Bus and at this time in The City of Detroit it’s not a good thing to be on, but we do what we have to do.

I had just left The White Castle on Woodward and I ordered my regular breakfast sandwich and went across the street to eat while I waited on the bus..clock.9:45 am a guy walks up to me, and I see him coming thinking with my Street Smart Awareness I thought…Oh Lord wonder what he wants? You got a cigarette ,I said no just then he leaned looking into my bag that was on the bench; by now Street Smart Awareness was on the alert, I grab my bag that  because it was time to move and I was right..anger.just then a change in his look and expression was of savagery to take what is mind…so I sung at him 2 times enough for me to regroup getting my barring  I realize the  Motown Coney Island was open and I ran to safety ..Thank God and only God knows I didn’t want to roll with this dude, I had a new suit on…but I would, I still process some street skills and I can still go a couple of rounds, I’ve gotten little older and have not been training…but I still got something saved in the reserve tank, but remember, I was on my way to church and didn’t want be late or he could have hurt me or took my Life…my time is not up, I’m living out my Purpose by letting go and let God so has so much for me to do…only when I get out-of-the-way and let His plan unfolded.

Square conclusion: Pay attention to the surroundings and people coming to close in your space and be ready to act in split second. I told my brother Robert Smith, Retired Police Officer, 4th Precinct of what happen and he agree about The Street Smart Awareness and commented on women step up their sense of awareness while on the streets…today’s biggest problem is everyone is talking on the phone and their guard is down for prey. My also mention a very important issue about women officers carrying their weapon in  their purse and changing with the times keeping that weapon close on your hip. I love and respect my Brother in his service with The Detroit Police Department and for completing his dream as one of Detroit finest

Detroit Police Department

Detroit Police Department (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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