Another Day

Cover of "Praise and Worship (Paperback S...

Cover of Praise and Worship (Paperback Songs)

Today I is a glorious day to be blessed to be able to open our eyes to vision to see Another Day thank be of Grace and Mercy from Our Heavenly Father.

Another day to Pray, and to Study and Obey His word.

Another day to walk out Righteously in to the world making a lasting impress of the Joy that reindeer unto us.

Another day to speak a kind word and to forgive of the harsh words.

This is another beautiful blessing Day and I will run and be glade in it and Praise He Name.

wpid-wp-1380210517000.jpgHi, I’m De Derrick and today the Spirit is directing me in another direction to go…presently I have been in fellowship  in the Spanish community and I attend La Casa de mi Padre 999 Lincoln Park, Mi for the last four years…and I love every minute of the Spiritual experience of Praise and Worship where I’m total free into the Spirit of Joy, Dance, Singing Songs Praises and admiration for Our God.

Today, I was invited to come worship with Timothy Baptist Church,18716 Schaefer Rd., Detroit MI. Pastor Dr. Keith L Dangerfield.

Spiritual I’m a Praise and Worshipper sort of guy…I disered this feeling from God year’s ago and He delivered.

stairI have may own a personal relationship with my God where others may not and quick to assume that it doesn’t take of that…I say their wrong, it takes what I’m doing and what you’re doing to left Him, up after, all The Praise and Worship is what He requires and for this reason we were created.

Now that you know a little bit about me understand this; there will be no change in the intensity of my Praise and Worship…I’m a radical Praise Worshiper the more I Praise and left my hands receiving the Blessing God intended for me to have.

I’m waiting on my co-worker Vacie that’s picking me of her clients invited her to church…and she invited me…why not this way I get to fellowship with Vacie and her client Ms Mayfield.

Woodward Ave in Detroit
Woodward Ave in Detroit (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

017 and myself are Hair Stylist‘s at  Mel’s Salon & Associate’s 6080 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI. 48202.

I like Vacie she has the warmest heart at any would enjoy being next to she  volunteer’s her time and services for others…when I need a Hug to Hug me back with caring feelings.

I’m dressed, had breakfast, prayed and I’m ready to take a burning Spirit in side of me dying to be release unto the church and let it burn of the Holly Spirit that dwells inside me.

clockThe time is 2:00 am, and I just returned from service and please acknowledge a warm and friendly welcome to Timothy Baptist Church 18716 Schaefer Rd., Detroit, MI., 48235, small in numbers  but I accepted with warm hearts.

Today, was the  Fourth Pastoral Anniversary for Rev. Dr. Keith Dangerfield…and also a Veteran serving his spiritual duty in Ministering at The V A Hospital.

God is revealing so many  sign of His plan Purpose for me…for you see I too am Veteran, USAF.

At the present time I’m a resident at Piquette Square Veteran permanent Housing for the Homeless Vet. 6221 Brush St. Detroit, MI. and I thank God daily for this truly on time Blessing in Purpose in my Personal Development in all areas of my Life and increasing the flow energy in mlife1y Life.

I Thank You Ms. Mayfield for truly inviting God put it on your heart to invite me to Worship and Praise God for Another Day

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