Monday Art Class

Monday, Monday...

Monday, Monday… (Photo credit: practicalowl)

Good Morning, to the World and to all a good day…I’ts  to be alive, and there are so many that didn’t make it over into thank God for another day living on Grace And Mercy,  I’m reminded of a quote that a pastor once said “them today, us tomorrow”

Art Class Students at Cathedral Senior High Sc...

Art Class Students at Cathedral Senior High School in New Ulm, Minnesota… (Photo credit: The U.S. National Archives)

So Life goes on, on a happier note it’s the day for WaterColor Art Class! Jen, DIA Instructor is coming to Piquette Square to do a Watercolors Art Class. Oh boy!I’ve been plan for this event and I so excited in   anticipation of The Art Class.

Today, was a perfect day, for this day is The Hair Stylist Monday off…and I’ve grown accustomed to this day where I slow my, as the world turns I take my Monday as a day where I do “What I want to do.

This Watercolor class, is  just  another reason why I’m so relaxed and comfortable because of Piquette Square Monthly calendars are posted throughout the Square…how could you miss out on any Event, Opportunity and Watercolor Art Class.


Watercolors (Photo credit: kcolwell)

Supplies will be provided and one don not need any art or Drawing Skills!! The class starts at 11:00 am 1:00 I’ve signed up and I’m on my way to see  if I have what it takes to continue mixing Watercolors.

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