The Square Affair

In Square Circle

In Square Circle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Community Affair at The Square Circle of Veteran’s gathered together on a Sunday Afternoon.

de derrickHi I’m De Derrick a resident at The Square Circle which I choose to call home when gathering in fellowship with other Veterans.

I’m an outgoing person and Spiritually opening my heart in sharing the Word of God.

Souled Out (album)

Souled Out (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Church Worship and Praise was in divine order starting with The Choir singing Hezekiah Walker Every Praise…this song is burning in my soul to express the Praise for God.

Sunday School plays a Big part in the role of studying God.

Beside the word the Pastor will deliver Sunday is the time to ask question, make comments and share common interest in Building the Body of Christ.

Arriving to My Square Circle I gather change to do my laundry when I really wanted to take a nap but “I have no time for that” with so much work do getting ready for The Veteran’s Day  Bloggrama so down to laundry mate.

I put my cloths in the washer and went across the hall to sitting room and discovered food being serve and help your self.

rubenOur host Ruben living in this Square Circle…he can Cook and Dance and shares living conditions with 149 other units Piquette Square residents 6221 Brush St. Detroit,

neigaborsMeet my side by side neighbors living on each side of My Square…Anthony on the right and school boy Earl…my square “mates”.

food8Brother Ruben made the best potato salad I’ve tested in quite awhile…and the chicken jumbo li that  was “real straight”…and Kool aid.

Kool-Aid Man

Kool-Aid Man (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

phillip And meet Phillip holding the pot top and Kool Aid I call him the “heavy roller.

I’m still new to the Community Affair here at the square and Ruben shared with me that he don’t mind opening his heart to gather the circle inside The Square  and giving with Community Affair, Fellowship spreading the word of good cheer in The Square

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