Break Time

English: City seal of Detroit, Michigan.

English: City seal of Detroit, Michigan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was working on my Blogs trying to Blog write something that would catch the eye and attention of the reader. I prided  myself on excellence in performance in all that I do…today is no exception, but will someone help me with this question…how do one Blog write in advertising for an Attorney at Law that has the first 4 pages on Google?

Buhl Building, detroit

Buhl Building, detroit (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wright W. Blake, Buhl Building, 535 Griswold, Suite 1630 Detroit, Michigan 48226

Office 313.964 2080 Cell 313.574.5371 fax 313.964.1459.

de derrickI’m De Derrick Hair Stylist/Barber Healthy Images Hair Salon,Detroit, Michigan 48202.

The other day, as I was cutting Eldridge Blake’s hair, one of my Square Mate’s of mine living here at The Square

For some reason Eldridge started talking about The Law Offices of Cornelius Pitts, one of  Detroit finest Criminal Lawyer.

I’ve seen Mr. Pitts one time on TV and I was impress how long his hair was…he had enough for two Poni Tails, let’s face it, I’m a hair person my Business and Hair is what notice first about anybody I meet.

Eldridge continued with the  convocation and mention that he was going to visit his cousin Wright W. Blake a Law Partner with Cornelius Pitts.

computer-125x125-2Beside Hair Styling/Barber, I ‘m also do other things on the Internet and Blog writing is one of them. Blogging is the Internet “new word” of mouth of advertising. Eldridge told me that Wright W. Blake, was straight up and down to earth…a regular guy connected to a large Detroit Law Firm.

Eldridge was going downtown the next day and asked me for one of my business cards to give to his cousin…how cool is that I thought to myself…so I told Eldridge that maybe I could advertise the name Wright W. Blake Attorney at Law on my Blog sites and he said he would ask him.

The next day, Eldridge came back with a couple of Wright W. Blake business cards, and the go ahead with advertising for this Law man.

Now, hears the situation, I do homework like anyone else going  into unfamiliar territory.

I Google Wright W. Blake and this Lawyer holds the first 4 pages on Google, one would think that would be enough advertising for a life time…but it’s not…theirs always room and time to advertise…how long do you think Mc Donald’s would be in business if they stop advising or even slowed their marketing plan down…not long.

I’m excited about this challenge even through my mind is at a blank into how I would Blog write Mr. Wright W. Blake I will not give up on creativity.

Just than, a knock at the door,  it was my neighbor Earl from next door.

Earl told me that The Military Wife’s cook dinner for the Vet’s here at the Square.

Earl had a plate for me, and it came at the right monument when my brain was blank and I couldn’t move forward until I moved away from the Computer and thought this thing through…and come back to this Blog, after I eat and refresh my mind…think you again Earl and The Military Wife’s  for saving me time in the kitchen without having to cook…to be continue

never give up

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