Palooza Day


Palooza Day at Piquette Square

De Derrick, The best day ever!! Happy 61 "B" day

De Derrick Ctr., The best day ever!! Happy 61 “B” day and a Military Salute to you all…thanks for a job well done on my “B” day!

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home Piqutte Square…my corner stone entrance…


bday9The Best day ever, June 19, 2913, My “B” Day and my first week as a resident at Piquette Square, Veteran Permanent Housing for the Homeless Veterans, 6221 Brush St. Detroit, MI. 48202
 6 months on a waiting list and the shuffles of paper work, faith and hope  paid off…I’m into the Square…and loving it.

Verteran USAF

Veteran USAF

Hello, I’m De Derrick, Veteran USAF and I’m at home at Piquette Square.

 Piquette Square is a Blessing in my life and alone with that… I’m also a Hair Stylist/Barber, Mel Hair Salon & Associate 6080 Woodward at Piquette.

After suffering 3 years riding The DOT, The Detroit Department of Transportation, the end of the line was when I signed my lease @ Piquette…I now walk to work…that’s the Blessing of God upon my Life, and if you’re not familiar with the streets of Detroit…it’s a 5 minute walk to the Salon.

Tuesday my “B” day,  waking up in my new surroundings that I felt good about, and yet the best is yet to come, now that I’m in a secure and comfortable involvement I can now focus on  moving forward in my Design Plan of Life of Personal Development.

Step-by-Step… As I  was walking out of the Apartment Square on this beautiful morning, thinking to myself… what a beautiful thing it is to be able to walk to work…how Cool is that!!pq2

Court Yard of the Square

I  save 3 hours commuter time, one way and the price of bus fare $1.50 and .25 for a transfer 6 days a week = $21…now that’s a bargain package of time and money saved, and who wouldn’t enjoy living 5 minutes from their place work…unless one works at home.


I arrived at the Salon and this slow starting Tuesday and because I work by appointment and no one on the book, so I took this opportunity to style my hair.

 By then, it was 2:00 pm, half the day gone by with only 2 walk-ins to show…I tested my new executive privileges and went home…even If someone came in for service I’m only 5 minutes away.

When I arrived at The Square I went to check out the Computer Room…boy this is nice, Wi-Fi and 10 Computer’s no need to wait.

While, in the Computer Room an announcement came over the intercom…

Tennet’s of Piquette Square, you are invited to Piquette Palooza Party

  6:00 pm…and what is a Piquette Palooza?

Well, I’m glad you ask, but first a shot out of thanks and appreciation to the voluntee’s and team work together to:

Timothy Wadhams

 Cheryl Phillips

 Sue Sabo

Joe Alfieri
Cathy Bacha
Kim Bufalini
Tondria Canty
Carole Chevillet
Mike Cody
Margo Davydova
Robert DeWitte
Bonita Felder
Tracy Givens-McLeod
Colleen Hamlin
Marie Heshczuk
Pam Lindman
Sheila Manson
Jamie McDaniel
Rafat Mohamed
Diane Molesky
Faith O’Neal
Melissa Poindexter
Gail Potratz
Tim Pulice
Christine Sexton
Jai Shah
Renee Straber
Sam Smith
John Sznewajs
Todd Wieczorek
Kim Yapchal…Thank you all for the Best day ever!!

Palooza, is an annual event hosted by the MASCO Corporation and employee’s…this would be the 3rd year for the company in giving back and Honoring the Veterans.
 MASCO, is the makers of cabinets, plumbing, installation architectural, patio doors in home around the globe and Palooza is a word associate with 3 years of comment…


Henry Bell, Chery Allen, Rafat Mohamed doing the four square Piquette hussle


That’s it from side to side, front to back, the four square Piquette hussle…Cheryl Phillips, Odester Lawrence, De Derrick, Sheila Manson, Lawrence Jimerson, Christine Sexton, Chery Allen, Rafat Mohamed


Sheila Manson, Faith O’Neal and Bonita Felder

 Palooza, is bringing to the table food, fun, refreshment, ice cream, raffles, karaoke and a D j mixing the beats and the best thing Ever!…on My “B” Day.

Piquette Palooza began @ 6:00 pm sharp…I arrived a little early and the team was setting up.

I left and went to my Apt., by the time I return the Palooza was just beginning.

This was a perfect day.

Sue Sabo…it took awhile but here’s the Blog I spoke of…

 I was greeted by a lovely lady with a lovely smile her name is Sue…She was so happy to fill me in with a history of Palooza.

 Sue, was so happy and really enjoying herself in the serving of the Vet’s on this day…this was the best day ever for everyone.

There were 18 or more voluntee’s team members and they all wore the team tee-shirt and name labels, I believe I spoke to everyone and called you by name…

Blog Hugs to you all..

Blog Hugs to you all.. Volunteers, Marie Heshezuk, Jai Shah, Jon Sznewajs, Renee Straber and Jamie Mc Daniel

I truly believe in God, placing his people in the right place at the right time…thank you God for this day of meeting most of the tenants all ready living at Piquette Square….and MASCO Palooza’s


There was another “B” day celebration that day, and his name was Luke, 14 years, and how was it that a 14-year-old, in the hype of the summer activities doing here today I asked him, he said…”that he giving of his time helping with serving the Vet’s..Luke was with his Father, John of the Finance Department.


John Sznewajis, son Luke right and Joe Allen,

I tried, as much as I could to speak to everyone, and everyone was very friendly and smiling and happy to be serving and honoring the Vet’s here at The Square.

honor guard2
As the ceremony begins, The Honor Guards marched in full display follow by the National Anthem.

My Square Buddies, Anthony on the left and Big Daddy Earl...

My Square Buddies, Anthony on the left and Big Daddy Earl…


The head of the table; Rafat Mohamed, Timothy Wadham, Melissa Poindexter, Marie Heshczuk serving Security Guard Ricardo Seams

968971_10151687455584421_357971616_nNow it was time to eat, as I pass through the serving line somewhere between the Beans and Cole Slaw I devolved a strong sense of intuition came over me and mind you, I never meet this person but it’s was something extraordinary about this individual and I called him out…”surely you must be the boss…it was something I felted to ask, and he said no”I’m not the boss” and I moved on.

Later on, I founded out from one of the staff members that Yes indeed he was the Boss, not just any people’s boss, but a humble CEO of MASCO Corproration…leading by example in serving and of course and the Team followed.

 Leadership and Personally Development goes hand in hand in good business it’s also apart of this Personal web site…growing my I the right mind-set for business building with the right tools such as Integrate, Morals, Character and Comment in getting the job done and working with others.

In conclusion: The gentleman at the serving table answered correctly to the question that I had asked….”was he the boss”, in fact, he was not the boss, but a leader of men and women, setting the example in leadership by one’s actions of true Leadership…leading by example.

De Derrick, The best day ever!! Happy 61 "B" day and a Milatary Salute to you all...thanks for a job well done on my "B" day!

De Derrick Ctr., The best day ever!! Happy 61 “B” day and a Military Salute to you all…thanks for a job well done on my “B” day!

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