The Secrets Within

Secret Things

Secret Things (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Secret’s are keep deep within; only and only under to Our God, for He’s the only one beside His Son that will keep within anyone’s Secret.

9 out 10 the odds would say   some you know…or maybe yourself by letting it slip and spoil the birth day fun of surprise.

You can cover up a Secret with lie and then in turn one lie after another until your feed up my brother or sister and loose your way in Life not knowing which way is up.

When you die and buried deep  laying steel and cold…gosh all Mighty this Secret was never told.

First UK edition cover

First UK edition cover (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The pain and the hurt the guilt and the shame are all the things we claim; in holding onto a Secret Disgrace.

All these things that we are aware of in the above readings…I’m sure you know that what’s done in the Dark will eventually come out into the Light.

We wait until the light of circumstance to catch up with the lies the feelings of hurt when were out of disgrace.

So I cleaning my heart up by opening up a Secret within me that may leave a mark on my character.
derico2I am De Derrick… recovery addict that has relapse no need to feel sorry nor sad because this Secret is to healing addict to addict. I’ll be OK.

I’m Back on my Square by telling the world I will pray and work hard by the engagement of Step 1 – WE ADMITTED WE HAD BECOME POWERLESS OVER ALCOHOL OR ABUSER AND THAT OUR LIVE WERE UNMANAGEABE.

No More Secrets

No More Secrets (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Secret is out now; and so it has been told now comes the show in putting an end to the use of Marujanua and to never smoke it again.

I had it licked this habit in the pass or lease I thought now that it as kick me in the A..

Never the less; by God step in and broke the chain with His awesome power to change an army in battle; but He took time purposely for me in reveling He plans for me.

never give upYou really don’t know my story and I bet yours could be a best seller also so please don’t judge me just love me ask Christ has loved you.

God is  amazing well as been perfect, loving and forgiving kind God.

Let Secret out and like in myself of the Secret Within. I’m a friend of God…and Jesus is The greatness Man I know. Thank you for letting me share thelife1

Secret Within

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