Happy Birthday, Mr. K C


Mr. K C is more than a friend of mine…he’s also my Business Partner in LIFE.

A young man flipping burger’s @ Mc  Donald’s back in the day.

Young or old , everyone has to start somewhere and K C was 18 @ the time.

There’s nothing wrong with flipping burger’s, or doing what you have to do to make ends meet but this was not for Mr. K C.

K C, shared with me of his plans of success, twice  week, during his hair appointment that he always kept and later through the years, I joined the Business of Life.

I’m De Derrick, Super Hair Fighter/Barber and business partner with Mr. K C in Life Leadership and Personal Development.


Happy Birthday, Mr K C

Today, I’m proud to say that  Mr. K C has truly become an outstanding leader in his own right, branded by a business company called Life Leadership Personal development., developing Leader’s and building communities’.

One of Life lead product is the financial Fitness plan, help one’s self out of debt by applying the principle’s found the book, FINANCIAL FITNESS, the offense, Defense, and Playing Field   of Personal Finance, by Chris Brady & Orrin Woodward.


Thursday, 09. 2015,  was Mr. K C Birthday celebrating surrounded by family, friends, business partner’s and his Loving Cheni.


The party celebration was held @ KOLA Lounge 32523 Northwestern  Hwy, Hills, Michigan.

See Menu…Kolalounge.com

Mother far left and Sister right

Mr Roberson, Business Partner

Mr. Brown Business Partner

Mr. Issac









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