The Doers Creed

423454_3786500974407_119973176_aI choose to be different because I am an individual. I am proud that. I am good. I don’t play like others in the “crowd” do. I don’t go where the crowd goes. I am different. I will be understood by the 2% of America and misunderstood, at times, by the remaining 98%. That’s okay because I am part of the fellows of the 2%. The people who create the positive force that shapes this great country.

I am a Genius. I am a Diamond and I will not ever let up. I am now out of my old comfort zone. I will not back away, slow down or ever complain about my mission and decision. I live my life between Amen and achievement for which I am proud. I love me so much! It’s my turn now!                             don't quit

I love this because I now “see” that with every step that I take from now on, I will be creating the path for all of those who will follow behind me. I call this servanthood. The core of Networking I am done with small thinking, lack of planning and my past lack of discipline. I have been renewed. No more gossiping. No more cheap excuse. No more shame.

I now walk in faith. Which is Gods way of getting me to where I am supposed to be. I am a Diamond. My genius lives through me in my children and friends. 

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