Welcome all to My Cybernetic Square

 A section of the Square, I call Home on the Internet.


…..The Super Hair Fighter…..

From Hair man to Piano man

DE DERRICK, your man

Inside these Cybernetic Square Blog, are more than 70 Blog Writings and I’m the publisher of every Blog writings  inside The Personal Square Development 101 course, of De Derrick, USAF Clerk Typist.

I’m not Selling, and, no offers of deals to find here and nothing to join.

 “I ain’t got time for that” but if I can just encourage just One that would benefit from my writings it would be all Worth the While to give it away it’s natures way for growth.

The Blog writings of The Personal Square Development 101 is truly about an 17 years of aspirations , vision, planed with the Determination  in the betterment of my mental resources, skills, goal planning and developing more of an Internet Marketing Mind Setting to be able to work on the Internet..I never gave up.

never give up

 Today the Dream is clearer and I’m moving forward…Thank God, for His turning of Situations in Life for me… I was once Homeless and know of the feelings of dispar.

Homeless Veteran on the streets of Boston, MA

Homeless Veteran on the streets of Boston, MA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

psquareToday, I’m now comfortable in my Writings here at Piquette Square 6221 Brush St., Detroit, MI. Veteran’s permanent Housing for The Homeless Veteran’s.

  I now have a chance at a new way of Life.

 I can do Better and I’m now that I know what I know.

 This day will marked The Beginning of The rest of My Life…@  The Square

honor guard2

November 11, 2013 VETERAN’S DAY

Hair/Fashion Cybernetic Blog Review

November 11, is Veteran day the site is now under construction in preparation for The Blogger…but for those early Surfer please join the Red Carpet for our early quest but bookmark us for later Blog Readings

The Hair Show Blogger


Just having fun in what I enjoy during…make sure you visit the Blogs in the top menu of this Blog.

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