My Wealthy Confession

220px-DerrickIt is in my power to become wealthy.  If I am sick I can become health. My health and wealth will start with a new plan blessed by God.  This new plan will take courage to begin and persistence against all odds to complete.  In order to form a new idea I must get new/more knowledge about being healthy and growing wealthy.

  This will take time and patience on my part if there is to be change in my life have to make time to complete my goals.  I will not practice behaviors that  bring poverty or sickness only focusing on my goals and daily habits that promote prosperity and healing. I am taking my life back living by faith and not fear; I will no longer accept what life decides to give me.                  

for health, wealth, & prosperity

for health, wealth, & prosperity (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I deserve to be happy, prosperous, loved and respected. I’m going after my dream starting today, right where I stand with what I have in my hand..If I look back it’s only to see that I must focus on what’s in front of me.  If I make a mistake today I will try again tomorrow, only a quitter quits. Yea though I walk through the valley of I am free from the  shadow of death I will not be moved by those things I can see and hear,. I know what the truth is and I a free from the things that hold others in bondage. God is preparing a table in the presence of my enemies…If god be for me who can be against me?

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