About the Square

423454_3786500974407_119973176_aI’m De Derrick 61 years old.. I am War Veteran USAF and I resident at Piquette Square Perment Housing 6221 Brush at Piquette; consists of 150 affordable one-bedroom units that are subsidized through  vouchers from Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHADA). The new four-story building opended in June 2010 offers many amenities, including spacious community rooms, a computer center, a library, and more

Piquette Square offers access to mental health counseling, substance abuse treatment, job training, computer labs  educational programs and other support services.  In addition to on-site staff, Southwest Solutions partners with numerous humpan services providers, government agencies and veterans‘ groups to provide these services.

I’m so happy to be a part of this housing project that was available at a time in my life where I was home less and I needed help. I’ve been on the Square going on 2 months and I thank God nearly everyday for my wonderful living surroundings that has me living the good life…for a better tomorrow.don't quit

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